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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn


I don’t know what to say

you’ve been so sweet to me


lately, it’s a little worrying

do I not care enough?

am I not enough?

do you need more?

do you need something I can’t give?

so full of questions

lately my identity is query

because I don’t have any answers

no reason for drastic measures

but lately you’re increasing the tempo

and the dynamics

you miss me

and I don’t miss you

you want to chat

I want to get work done,

or relax

but you still make me smile

and I don’t want you gone

I do love you

but I don’t need you

I don’t need anyone

life goes on

and I have a mission

alone or in company

I’ll accomplish it

I’m getting worried

that you might need me

that life without me is gray-scale

I don’t want to be your next hit

I don’t want to be the high you’re chasing

I ebb and flow like the waves

and I can’t always keep up

I run out of breath

I’m out of shape

I need rest

not pressure

but I’m scared you’ll take it the wrong way

you’ll think I don’t want you

you’ll think I don’t love you

but there’s no choice in the matter

of telling you

just a matter

of when

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