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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn


The moment your lips parted,

every word swirled around me

making me rather dizzy

Is it the aroma of the dumplings,

or am I getting weak?

If she was ice, you are fire

a soul that radiates so much warmth

I could curl up beside you forever,

lay in front of your hearth

tell me how you put so much kindness in your eyes

I could drown in those muddy waters

it simply isn’t fair

The way your breath caught as my fingers trailed over skin

sent me over the edge

The way you pressed into me, not away

without fear, without regret

wanting me

clouded my senses

like incense

skin like cotton, lips like lace

a gift in satin, but what’s the holiday?

Unexpected like the sting of palm against skin

Intoxicating like the rush of adrenaline that follows

I am at your service

and I am in control

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