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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn



a warmth in my heart and an ache in my stomach

my eyes light, my mouth curves

from the velocity of your sweet words

and I have to screenshot it

and then it really hurts


an ugly, disgusting word

a thief, taking your future and our future and burning it to the ground

it’s easier to not think about it

because the pain is and will be endless

when her light is snuffed from this world

I’m speechless

I’m smiling

but my heart is crying tremors of grief, knowing the earthquake that is to come

you have so much to give to this world

so much life in that deteriorating vessel

I still can’t stop hoping

it’s a sad, hopeless hope

like bittersweet

I don’t know where you start and I end

I don’t know when bitter starts and sweet ends

when you end? I’ll be starving hungry for something that can’t be replaced

at least not exactly the same

a cruel reality, but you were always a magical dream

it’s the law of the universe,

every action has an equal and opposite reaction

without dark, there cannot be light

and I would not trade you

for all the light in the world

my soulmate, my love, my light

no pain, no death, no heartache

will ever have me regret knowing you.

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