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Duplicitous is a single tear

By @Blackrose

Duplicitous is a single tear

Duplicitous is a single tear,

One touch, it sours.

It dries her cheeks like the winters coat that covers your skin,

Do not try to understand the secrets of tears.

Duplicitous are her scars.

They make you pity her and shame the man drinking all his disgrace,

You believe her conniving catlike stories which sent him away never to see stars,

You listened to her cry of whips, jars, beating bars her cries, her tears but behind she laughs

As he cries of her lies ‘She lies’ but her lies are stuck in your heart beautiful facade.

Honest is the single tear of this man,

Yet you think his tear is a lie a scam

As if he spied a well thought out lie to use as a truth but a lie is how it began.

We don’t look at his tears as he is too dominant to be soft as a rose unless it grew in the sand

Too rough looking to be honest like soft breezes telling the story of autumn unless winter was near.

My dear,

Please do not try to understand the secret of her tears.

He tells the truth although he is a man, his strength he did not misuse

He was the prey but became the predator with the woman swift moves

My dear you did not see how pestilent leached cry was cues,

Or how the witch hacked a laugh as he saw him near crack she thought he would lose.

The secrets of her tears now do you know?

That bittersweet taste you touched you’re innocent tongues on,

Her lips cursed with seven deadly sins, she kissed you gently and softly,

With seven more

She changes her colour more than a chameleon,

Her snake skin eases to wrap her lies around you,

Her bite poisons making you forget

Right and wrong.

every sin she has committed lies within the hands of the people who had believed her.

Now you are one of them.

How does it feel to commit a deadly sin?

Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Now you have a secret you wanted to hide from the world,

My dear you have been exposed

A false witness shall not go unpunished and he who pours out lies will not go free.

You thought you were unmasking the mask of malicious intent

But you judged gender with looks strength height softness

You did not listen to his words, his statement his evidence his protest.

The ruling is put the judges have decided

My dear you are guilty.

Now you are the one crying the shame the shame

But the pattern remains the same.

(Copyright belongs to BlackRose, please give credit if posted elsewhere )

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