Written Confessions

By @bm_conner

Written Confessions

By @bm_conner

Collection of poems

Chapter 1


He searches for my heart

Beneath the cages of my ribs,

Diving deep below the surface

With each kiss by tender lips.

Should I go ahead and tell him?

Or just wait and let him swim?

It isn’t in my chest;

Nor do I wear it on a limb.

He swims in areas far too deep,

Yet comes up empty still;

So he goes a little deeper,

Unaware such depths can kill.

If he swims until he finds it,

Then surely he will drown.

But I don’t know how to tell him

That he shouldn’t have gone down.

He could spend a lifetime searching,

But my heart he’ll never find.

For how can I possess it

When it is no longer mine?


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  1. NimbleOwl

    Really enjoyed this! I love the diving analogy and the ending 🙂 Good work.

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