Poems of Many Tales

By @NyxPara
Poems of Many Tales

Poems that come to mind.*Disclaimer* None said personally relates to any experiences I've had.

Chapter 1

Regrets and Promises

If I was to know,

that it would turn out this way,

I would have my ashes to show;

that my life was thrown away.

But you beat me at my own game,

my sanity sits smoldering,

as I watch you and drowned in shame,

I wish to rid this burden my body is shouldering.

Though all along I knew,

I couldn’t keep this scheme up,

I should’ve listened to you;

sadly now I’m forever stuck.

To change this life- no;

to change these choices,

it would mean the world to me,

it would finally give my dead throat voice,

and make this soul happy to some degree.

I’m still here,

and I will remain to be,

until fate decides that we’re

ready to reunite in glee.

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