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Poems, I think?

By @Venki



She is soft and supple,

but not gullible.

She is an enigma,

 no human could solve,

expect her.

She is wild,

in the sea of imagination.

Her eyes are alluring,

pulling you into her abyss.

She swims in the ocean of her dreams,

waiting to be pulled back to reality.

She is deep,

can be shallow ,

if you give her a reason.

She’s too quiet,

Doesn’t mean she couldn’t roar.

She is serene,

Can be tempest when needed.

She snatches the spotlight,

but prefers to be a shadow.

She is cool,

but can freeze you to death.

She loves company,

yet she was destined to be alone.

She is weird,odd

but never mad.

She could see the future,

yet fails to live in present,

thinking about the past.

She is sassy,

when drowned by self-doubt,

will turn flaky.

She can endure pain,

when she strikes,

Beware! she can give you one.

She has the innocence of a baby,

but can really be shady.

She can hustle

without breaking her bubble.

She is fragile,

She is temperamental,

She is crazy,

She is cold,

She is kind,

She can be difficult

But that’s how she is.

Because she is

who she wants to be.



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