Poems - Feelings

By @fresnikson

Poems - Feelings

By @fresnikson

Chapter 1



Excitement, nervousness, annoyance,

emotions that are absent

in the realm of calmness.

A state of being with a free mind

wandering about endless possibilities of

outcomes, dialogues and answers.

Being able to exclude everything around you;

people, tweets, trains and just about anything.


Attention that roams around,

until you test yourself

to an endeavour;

abruptly fixated upon an activity.

Nothing hinders your way,

nothing can stop you,

nothing can provoke imbalance.


The eager to move up and down,

to an invitation to a party.

A chance to sway with others

dancing with your body

filling yourself with bliss and joy,

endless longing to smile.

The tense movements necessary

to dwindle down the kid inside you.


To samba your tango

you have to waltz your disco.

Feeling every inch of your skin

getting in contact with other sweaty skin.

No space but to move your whole body

the way you want,

leaving no space for others

to do nothing.


I’m so tired,

this place makes me.


It has nothing to do with sleep.

Just the people around, constantly moving

with the music,

with the rhythm.

Best get a drink before the portal

to an another world

drapes on my


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