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Poems and Prayers of a Little Girl

By @Joyful17

All That Jesus Is/Run to Jesus/Little Lamb

All That Jesus Is

As my voice shouts out it’s cries,

Darken does the skies,

Just as my hope is lost,

My Savior come to pay the cost,

Then he comes and picks me up,

And sets me down before the Cross,

Hands me filled with Living Water, a cup

“Child you are Mine!

Let you little light shine,

Now take my hand,

And let me lead you through my gate.”

Run to Jesus

Run to Jesus,

Run and praise Him,

Run to Jesus, see His face?

Watch as He runs to you,

Run to to Him, feel His grace!

Watch Him as He calls you new.

Run to Jesus,

Run and love Him.

Watch as He keeps you close.

Run to Him,

Yes! Run to Him,

And watch as He will run to you.

Little Lamb

My Shepherd is kind,

Comes to guide me when I’m blind.

And when I’m tired, and start to sleep,

He strokes my head and says,

“Little Lamb, run to Me!

For I will keep you safe.

Please allow me to keep,

All of you. For the Father loves you, and so do I.”

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