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By @katsg2312

Please, I don’t know how long I can do this

Leading me in all directions

Easy, they said it should be easy

All I have to do is smile

Shade yourself under bright colors

Eagerly hide behind a mask

Lungs burn for a distraction

Everything is faded

Take me anywhere

Mountains and oceans

Everywhere else

Bridges over nothing

Rivers flowing nowhere

Everything else

Apples of burning orchards

Towers of drunken cities

Heaven’s sinners

Everyone else

Plead for a quiet mind

Long nights start with a thought

Eerie shadows cast in corners

Able bodies would turn on the lights

Saving myself

Extending for the switch

Light never comes

Eat away my fear

Tell me it’s okay

Move closer to the window

Ebony clouds push against the sky

See myself in the glass

Erase all thoughts

Erase yourself

Part of myself knows the truth

Let the other parts know too

Embers remain of my control

Almost extinguished

Spare me the pain

Everything is burned now anyway

Let go of the past

Easy has passed

Tranquility in lies

Meaning in nothing

Ends in beginnings

Semblance of truth

Millions of worlds

Icarus and my melting wings

Lines on my skin

Erase lines on paper

Press my temples

Let go of my mind

Egregious thoughts left with the moon

Appeals to be made

Say my prayers to the sun

Ever-present the moon hangs in the sky

Life goes on

Every time the sun goes down

Tales from my heart spill out

Meaning in nothing

Ends in beginnings

Get away from myself

One day at a time







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