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Pjo/Hoo: Next Generation

By @Kermit_Zefroggie

The disgrace

I bolted up,”Where am I !?”!

”Whoa, calm down,”The voice I heard came from beside me bed,”your in the infirmary.”

”Who are you!? Where’s my dad!?” I was so confused! What happened!? What I dreaming!? Was that all real!? Where was my dad!? Why wasn’t he next to me!?

The boy smiled,”I’m Matt. I’m the son of Leo and Calypso Valdez. Nice to meet you.” Matt had nice black hair like me, hazel eyes, a nice tan complexion, and unlike his father wasn’t that scrawny.

I pushed the blanket off of me.

”You really-“I got up and bolted out before Matt could even finish his sentence.

I heard kids whispering and saw some staring but I didn’t care. I ran to the big house and burst in the door. Everyone looked up. Dionysus threw a Diet Coke can at me,”Kid, you interrupted my card game!”

My dad ran to me and hugged me,”Are u alright!?

I pushed him away,”You Weren’t there! I woke up and you weren’t there!”

”Silena,I had to talk to Chiron..”

”I don’t care!”

Dionysus Stared at me,”You interrupted my card game you little-“ That’s when I lost it,”I DONT CARE! I don’t care about your stupid card game! I don’t care about your Diet Coke! SO SHUT UP!”

My dad and Chiron looked shocked. I could practically see the fire in his eyes,”WHAT DID YOU JUST-“My dad came to my defense,”Calm down Mr.D she’s just a kid.”

”Percy she’s 13. When you were thirteen you had an attitude but you were mature. This kid, well she’s just a disgrace.”

Thats it. I broke down in tears and ran and didn’t look back. I pulled out my phone and called Lizzy.

Lizzy Solace was one of my best friends in the entire world. She was the adopted daughter of Nico di Angelo and Will solace. She has Straight brown hair, blue eyes, a wicked attitude, and and awesome sense of humor. She’s also into black. And music. She’s literally the opposite of me.

”Hi, Silena? Is that you?”

“Yeah Lizzy it’s me. Can u send a-“ My phone got ripped out of my hand,”Hey!”

My dad frowned,” You can’t run away from your problems.”

”Watch me,”As I turned and began to run. Dad grabbed my arm,”Your not going anywhere.”

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