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Pjo/Hoo: Next Generation

By @Kermit_Zefroggie

Camp Part 2

We finally arrived.

”We’re here,”my dad proclaimed.

We weren’t anywhere. We were literally in front of strawberry fields,”Where are we?”

My dad smiled and grabbed my hand and began to practically drag me,”Cmon kiddo.”

We finally stopped on front of an arch, Camp half-Blood, it read.

”Wow. This place is real. So what do u do here?”

My dad began walking towards the camp,” Lots of things. You know,I’m a legend.”

”Pfft, you? A legend?” I couldn’t believe it. My dad, Percy Jackson was not a legend. He was just a Marine biologist and the family guy. He couldn’t be a legend.

I heard a voice and saw someone in the distance,”Percy! Welcome back, my boy!” The figure grew closer and I realized at that moment that my life was going to change. The figure coming towards me was no human. It was a talking horse dude. And once again, I , Silena Jackson, fainted.

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