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Pjo/Hoo: Next Generation

By @Kermit_Zefroggie

The drive and a angry Taco Bell lady

I woke up at around 4 pm. I heard a knock at my door,” Kiddo, Cmon. I’m gonna show you the camp.”

I bolted up. I changed into my paint splattered jeans, a tie dye T-shirt , and my faded sneakers.

By the time I was dressed my dad was already in front of the car waiting for me,”Where’s mom?,”I asked.

He frowned,”She had to go run and errand.”

I opened the door and slid into the car,”So,What’s this camp like?”

He smiled at the thought of returning home to camp,”You’ll see.”

I hated cliffhangers. I was dying to know what this place looked like! I guess I’ll have to wait. My stomach growled.

”Hungry?,”My dad asked.

I didn’t wanna make any stops but I was starving.

We passed a Taco-bell so dad decided to make A U-turn,”You know mom’s gonna kill you,right?”

”Mom doesn’t need to know,”He said with a smile.

I loved my dad. He was so great. Though sometimes he didn’t tell me things. Whenever I ask about his childhood he doesn’t respond. I just feel upset. My dad and I have such a great bond but I know that he’s keeping things from me and it just hurts.

We drove up to the window and this quirky, happy girl took began to speak,”Hi! I’m Lacey! I’ll be helping you today! How can I help you!?”

Me and my dad tried to hold back our laughs.

”Yeah hi, can we just have two tacos please and one sprite and one Pepsi?”

”Absolutely! Come up to the window and you’ll get your food there!”

We drove up and finally got to witness what this “Lacey” looked like. She she had thick rimmed glasses, curly brown hair, freckles on her nose, and and awkward smile.

She took my dads money and handed us our food,”Have a nice day!”

We drove away and immediately burst into laughter,”Omg! Did you see her glasses!? She looked like a complete geek!”

My dad stopped laughing.

”Dad what’s-,”and that’s when I saw it. Lacey was standing right next to my dad’s window with a Drink in her hand. She looked angry. She dumped the drink in dad’s Lap and stormed off.

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