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Pjo/Hoo: Next Generation

By @Kermit_Zefroggie


Dear Diary,

Hi, it’s me again. I figured I would tell you more about myself. I’m 13 as you already know. I have black hair, Green eyes, I’m pretty tan, and I’m VERY fidgety. I also always have some sort of highlights or something in my hair. My mom hates it but my dad says it brings out my adventurous side when I try new colors. Currently, I have blue tips. Also, I AM NOT A GIRLY GIRL. I don’t do hearts and stuff.


Your girl Silena


“ Silena, come out here for a second please,” mom says. I groan,”But Mom I’m painting right now.” I love to paint. Actually I love anything Artistic. I paint, I draw, I sculpt, I even sew sometimes. My sewing is horrible but I’m working on it. My room is always a mess. I have paint splatted all over my jeans, pieces of crumpled up papers are all over the room, and there are paint stains on the floor. It looks horrible.

“Silena this is important,”I can tell from the tone of her voice it is important. I open the door,” yeah?”

“Honey what do u know about Greek mythology?And your grandparents?” U guess I never really thought about dad’s real father or my mother’s real mom,” Um, I know that there are like Gods and stuff.”

She playfully mimicked me,”And stuff,”She smiled,”Cmon’, let’s go sit down.”

She led me into the living room and we took a seat on the couch.

”Honey, can u come in here please,”She yelled time my dad.

He casually walked in.

”Honey, it’s time she knows,”My father ran his hand through his hair.

“Alright. Tell her then.”

”Tell me what?”What were my parents hiding? That’s when it happened. I blacked out.

~20 minutes later~

“ Silena?” My dad was leaving over me,”U okay, kiddo?”

“What’s camp half blood and who are your parents?” Dad looked shocked,”How did you..?”


My dad didn’t look like he believed me,”What!? I’m telling the truth!”

He put his hand on my shoulder,”I believe you. Now go get some rest.”

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