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Pink is the New Black


Origin Story

The engine rev of Sola’s hot pink McLaren echoed off the cement walls. The valet, she thought, finally I can get out of here. She did know vaguely how to drive it despite what her boyfriend, Jackson told everyone at the party. 

In one evening, her friends and acquaintances believed her to be pretentious and inept thanks to Jackson’s criticism of her brand. The brand was her dream and it couldn’t afford scrutiny; the world couldn’t know how lost she’d become.

The butterfly doors opened, “What do you think of it?” Sola asked. The valet boy shrugged, “It’s a cool car, pink’s not for me though. What did you pay- er, not you, but- what did it cost?” Sola stood taller than him in her Versace heels, “I spent more on this car than you will ever see in your entire life.”Sola dropped in, slammed the gas, and left all of them behind. “Navigate to Jackson’s house?” the car chimed. “Am I a failure?” Sola sobbed glittering tears. The car hummed as if thinking. It chimed in response, “If opinions had value, how much would your own be worth?” Sola had forgotten about the upgraded proverbs software she’d installed during her affirmations phase. She’d had a lot of phases over the past year, maybe she was starting a new one. She sped off into the violet night, uncertain where she was going or what this new phase had in store. But one thing was certain, in this phase, Jackson was out. 

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