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~Star wolf~ Book one, the first night (This book is kinda like a wolf version of warriors)

By @WarriorsWOF

Characters & alliances

Full moon pack:

Leader: Full moon

deputy: night whisper (night)

Healers: Full shadow, eclipse sun (eclipse), flare light (flare)

Training healers: Shadow moon (shadow), Small moon (small)

Fighters: fire claw, star fur* (star), tree tail (tree), sun flare (sun), flint claw (flint), magma leap, ash ear (ash), strong shadow, obsidian fur (obsidian)

Training fighters: flame moon (flame), red moon (red)

Hunters: light step (light), quiet shadow, tall ear, bark nose, Winter leap (winter), smart branch

Training hunters: light moon

Others (half moon pack, new moon pack)

Half moon (yeah, i know, a warrior name, but this is a totally different character, i promise)

New moon

ripple wish*

silver cloud*

brook leap (brook)

rock wind (rock)

quick shadow

high branch

ice dash (ice)

fish jaw

white pelt*

mint leaf (mint)

black whisp

mud paws

stone strike

owl claw (owl)

six foot

thunder frost

wild whisker

diamond eyes (diamond)

thorn heart (thorn)

dark shadow (dark)

lily reed* (lily)

slate moon (slate)


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