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Phantoms in the Rain

By @Me-the-Rookie

It’s raining again, the sky a permanent gray as massive looming clouds release their tears upon the earth. I make my way over to the bay window of my home settling myself down onto the soft pillows before opening one of the rain splattered plates of glass and allowing the cold drops to spill onto my arms and face. I take in a deep breath letting the fresh cool scent of raindrop rich air wash over my senses before a bitter smile takes over my features. After all, the rain always reminds me of you.

How is it that you can still invade my mind even when I try everything to stop you from doing so? I half expect you to be standing down on the sidewalk staring into puddles, occasionally moving your umbrella away from your face just to allow a few rain drops to splash against your skin. I know you won’t be there and sure enough as I cast my gaze to the street below it remains empty.

I let out a sigh taking in the sad beauty of the rain as it jumps from the clouds above and dances about the sidewalk below before being forced to run into dark storm drains only to be forgotten about as soon as the slightest ray of sun breaks through the darkened sky.

A final vision of your black and red rain boots floats across my eyes and at this point I’m not sure if it’s the rain or tears that’s causing my vision to blur. I close my eyes and sit there a moment resting my head against the wall as I continue to blindly feel cold rain splash against me. After a time I open my eyes to reveal the once gray clouds start to transition to a happy clean white. That’s when I decide I’ve had enough of the rain. I slowly stand ignoring the stark ache in my shoulders as I walk away from the open window.

Clouds are lucky, their pain lasts only a short while before their burden is relieved of them forever.

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