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Persuasive Bait Listener

By @robinson1979

Chapter 1 Don't

They don’t like her because she has multiple people in there from a different place from different families at one time and all of them collide all of the corresponding voices and communications so they all try to get them on all of these all want to be on the same page like the entire freaking block the entire community all want to be on the same page and the reason why is because it’s easier it’s like an easier flow if I cut this off the response echo the response voice then it wouldn’t be a problem so why don’t you cut it off reason why I won’t cut it off is because I won’t have control of the neighborhood why don’t you give up that control of the neighborhood because I want control well has this been reviewed for good management material no it has not however I want control of the neighborhood when in fact you are actually making everyone collide and causing violent behavior you’re causing conflict

“Bicycle cop” Including Pieces of Information You Ought to Know Abouts.

My neighbors and family affect my tenants. My neighbors affect my family. My tenants who have been affected affect me “Mrs. Clung to like flies on **** like a leach collapse dented sliced way word flow”. I have owned my residence since 2007. I have rented the rooms and lived in the property the entire ownership of it.  


Harmonic Loudspeaker Record Player Long Range two way Radio frequency Connection USB phone plugged into connected port information of property address and body parts to a human being then connected to another Router pointing with a sharp tool or metal object Way Word Flow criminal talk. Smaller Record Players hurt the ears with long distance reach and are used to control a person. Renter control for example or Owner/landlord control.

Chronological order of events, inputs of body parts for internet connection to cling to, list of props to use for sound, list of people to kill, list of killers to kill, list of people to build sex drive, list of people to actual ****, list of thieves, list of performances, list of payment amounts, list of invites, list of tools and materials needed, diagrams drawn for each performance, wifi internet only for specific group involved given on phone.  

Hypertensive Cervical Realizations, Neurological Realizations, Cardiovascular Realizations, Rhythmic Realizations, Voice Realizations, Visual Realizations, lapse of unconsciousness collapse, others who cause collapse are well known and control property, drugs, people.

Word Flow criminal talk radio is not a sound that people admit to. It is criminal talk over long distance radio frequency that if you admitted to it you would probably get killed yourself. If you talked about other people’s circumstances enough they would get ****** off, come find you and kill you.  

A person doesn’t admit to lapse personal consciousness and bops on the head. They don’t admit it because they forget when they do get bopped. They don’t admit to it because they don’t want more bops to say something about what they experienced.  

CONTROL: Stipulations and Restrictions “Don’t” given by anyone on the list or WIFI connection Family and Neighbors:   

(Others found out about the treatment and the list expanded and the treatment got worse)

Told “Not Allowed to Be on Any Beach”

Follow Depictions “Make Me Do’s”

Don’t Eat

Go Out to a place

Don’t wash my private area

Don’t talk or sing

Don’t turn on the radio or sounds 

Don’t have sex

Don’t Play sports

Don’t use the phone

Don’t use the computer

Don’t Manage the property

Don’t See or visit mother

Don’t talk about Birth Father

Don’t have children or get pregnant

Don’t get married or too involved

Don’t have a monogamous relationship in all ways

Do not enter your home

Do not wear makeup

Do not wear certain clothing

Do not wear jewelry 

Buy certain things

Give things away 

Give money 

Change something in at home that someone wants changed to a certain way

Don’t see your boyfriend

Don’t speak to your boyfriend

Don’t Sleep with your boyfriend

Don’t listen

Don’t see family

Don’t go outside

“Break teeth in bathroom house”:  

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