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Pencil Sharpener

By @forhigher

I finally bought a pencil sharpener today and it’s the absolute worst.

I wanted to color some more.

I wanted to bring life to pictures, with pencils, as sharp and as good as me.

I need to have sharp pencils to stay in the lines.

These are very thin lines!

How will I stay in the lines without sharp pencils?

I’ve already worn them down, with my intensity.

I need the colors to pop among the impossibly thin lines.

I can tell I’m forcing it.

I’ve worn down my pencils.

But I need the colors to pop, among the impossibly thin, thin lines.

Why are these lines so narrow?

There must be something I can do to sharpen these.

I need a pencil sharpener.

Just color in the lines!

Don’t, go over the lines!

You Will Fail If You Cross The Lines.

This pencil sharpener is the absolute worst.

It’s broken three pencils so far.



But it’s made pointy ends out of 13 pencils.

Maybe, the pencil sharpener just needed a chance.

It couldn’t prove its value after only a few.

It needed more.

The pencil sharpener should’ve been an easy thing today.

It wasn’t an easy thing.

But it was a needed thing.

And sometimes realizing what you need isn’t what you want

Is the absolute best.

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