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By @ActressMawuena

Why Pagasos is stupid


If Marian had woken up at the right time, everyone in the world would have been dead within the next six hours. 

Good thing she’s usually late.

Marian Angel Suki-Robin was late. VERY late. She looked around her room and tried to find a cute outfit. Finally she found a little-too-tight blouse and a pink plaid pinafore. She scoured the room for ballet flats, but her shoes were at the school. She glanced warily at her heels.

“Oh no.” She muttered. “Oh no no no no!”

It was simply a stroke of luck that she managed to catch the bus on time. She stumbled into a random seat in the back. She opened her backpack. No food. She would go hungry until lunch.

Her stomach rumbled. “Hey, sorry about that,” she said, finally looking up to see which unfortunate person she sat with. 

“Marian, right?” Chad Jones said. “You hungry?” 

“Oh, yeah, it’s no biggie, I-” then her breath caught. Her mind finally registered she was sitting next to Chad Jones. Marian blushed. She was sitting with the most popular guy in school.

“Hmm?” Chad said, handing her a Pegasus bar.

She tore it open, just to realize…

“Wait a minute. Is this a Pegasus bar? These are expensive, especially…” She stopped, not wanting to admit it. “Especially because you just noticed me.”

Chad was sort of offended. True, he never had the nerve to actually talk to Marian, but he always noticed if she was wearing the same shorts as she was the week earlier, so to say he never “noticed” her would be an understatement. 

Marian suddenly realized she was on the wrong bus. “Oh no. This bus leads to New York!” She looked suspiciously at Chad. “Oh My Gosh. You were about to skip school!” She shook her head. Was it destiny that she was the only other girl on that bus? That Marisa wasn’t there?

She whipped out her phone to find a bus back to Boston. The closest bus back- a week away. Least expensive flight-forty five dollars, that she, wouldn’t you know it, didn’t have. Her paycheck came the next week and she had already spent her previous on a shopping spree. All her savings were locked away in a bank. Any ubers weren’t willing to go four to five hours back, either. Not trying to, but Marian understood. They had families. But she certainly couldn’t walk for three days straight. And she didn’t have a bike [that she would’ve had to bike for a day for, anyways.] Every and any chance she had to get back home was nada.

“Shi….” She started then stopped. “How am I supposed to get back home?”

Nobody said anything. Then, a familiar voice came into her head. “I could lend you my helicopter.”

Marian almost screamed. “Chad, I’m even hearing my neighbor now. He says he has a helicopter!”

“Actually,” Andrew Eagle tapped on my head. “I do. I used my godliness to get it. Not really, but whatevs.”

That was when she screamed. “Ohmygawd.” Marian stood up. “Stop scaring me!”

The way they bickered- it was clear they were old friends. “Ahem.” Chad cleared his throat. “We could also use my private jet.”

They were all debating which one was better (Marian feeling a little left out because she didn’t have any of those), when they suddenly stopped. Marian felt like she was going to scream- again. Somehow they were in New York. No one else seemed bothered by this, but Marian was. Was this some sort of technology she had never seen before? 

Turns out, the answer was no. Yes and no. Her father, who was a businessman who designed literally everything, had designed a road that led to every major city in the world. Well, a bridge. Same difference. A super-smart billionaire, John Hickledve, who was colonizing Mars, had hired her dad. She didn’t know why. It was really expensive, even for a billionaire. It had cost around, I dunno, $200,000,000,000!!! 

The bridge led to places like Paris, Milan, London, Toronto, LA, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, and Sydney. There were more, but that would cause some strain to some peoples’ brains. 

Marian was dumbfounded when she realized it was done- in less than three months. 

She wanted to undo a strap on her pinafore, like those outcasts in movies who wear overalls. Too bad Marisa gave her the blouse. Near the bottom of her rib cage was a hand-stitched name. It could have sold for a lot, if it was old. And it probably still would, because the name happened to have the word Chad Jones on it. 

Marisa also happened to be Chad’s cousin. It either had something to do with that four-leaf clover Marian found as a child or the fact that she had crossed a black cat a few seconds later. Which one it was, she didn’t know. All she felt, though, at that moment, was that it felt like the latter.

Next to her, Andrew was looking at himself in a window shop, with his index finger and thumb shaped like a v. Marian thought for a moment that he looked like those stereotypical guys when they’re checking a girl out. But instead it was himself.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Marian thought she thought.

Andrew laughed. “Can’t blame a guy for thinking he looks better than the girl beside him.”

Marian’s lower lip quivered. Andrew quickly apologized, and she laughed. “Gotcha!”

Andrew started to glare at her, but then realized Chad was gone. “Hey. Where’s Chad?”

Marian bit her lip. “I don’t know…” she started. “But what I do know is that I want a cookie.” She pointed inside a bakery nearby. “And maybe a slice of gooey fudge, and cheesecake.”

“That’s not really healthy.” Andrew warned. 

Marian put on her puppy dog eyes. “Please?” She begged.

“No. No, Marian.” He said. But another please did it.

They strode inside the bakery and ordered. Andrew took a few chicken jalapeño sandwiches, two milkshakes, and a few bottles of water. He also bought Marian’s cookie, fudge, and cheesecakes. Marian wanted to protest when he wrapped up her four cheesecake slices, but didn’t bother. They didn’t know if they were going to stumble upon some evil deity or something and get starved. Not that she actually believed… unless you count her Pegasus. 

Andrew took Marian’s backpack. “Hey, what’s that for?!” She grumbled.

“Where are we going to put our stuff?” 

“You should’ve brought your own backpack. Plus there’s a bag store about four doors down.”

“How do you know that?”

“My shopping senses.”

“I don’t doubt they exist.”

They were entering the bag store when they encountered Chad. 

“Where were you?” Marian said.

“You realize I never agreed to tour you around the city, right?” Chad replied, dripping with sarcasm. Marian wanted to know why he was angry but didn’t bother.

During all of this, Andrew had taken a cooler type bag and placed all the food inside.

“You hungry, dude?” He asked, handing him the second half of Marian’s fudge.

“Hey, wait a minute! That’s mine!” Marian jumped to grab it. But she was too short and her heels didn’t help. 

“I bought it!”

“Whatever!” Marian replied. She was actually sort of crying, so she turned away and looked at the handbags behind her.

“Aw, Marian, are you crying?” Andrew teased. 

“I am so not!” She said too quickly, too defensively. 

“Ugh. Just give it to her. Marisa said she won’t stop crying until she gets her way.” 

Marian hated to be the “victim but not the victim”, plus all the things Marisa could have said, so she simply started to storm out before the store clerk asked her to complete a form.

She walked towards the cute store clerk and started to complete the form, but there was a special form room.

Marian was a bit confused, but she didn’t complain. Any excuse to make Chad and Andrew just a little bit jealous was a good one. She was also surprised at how easily they had become friends despite spending less than forty minutes together. Chad volunteered to complete the form, so Andrew did too. They were all waiting in the form room to get their results (but why?) and Marian was very unsubtly flirting with the store clerk. He was about a few inches taller than her, and he didn’t look much older than her, (maybe a year?) And every time she twirled her brown hair with blonde highlights, Chad would clear his throat and Andrew would stick a finger in his mouth, motioning that he was sick (of her doing that.)

After about five minutes of twirling, clearing, and fake-sickness, none other than John Hickledve came in.

“Sorry to hear about your two hundred billion dollar loss. You were so close to a trillion too!” Marian said.

John brightened. “Marian!” He pulled her into a big hug. Because John Hickledve was none other than her grandfather on her mothers’ side. “You know that’s a lie. I keep my money safely hidden away, away from the claws of the media and the government and terrifying fangirls.”

Marian rolled her eyes. Grandpa? Having fananybody, was both a scary and unbelievable thought. “So,” She said. “I’m sixteen. Will you get me a Chanel collection? A Tiffany bracelet? An all-you-can-buy shopping trip to Ralph?” She begged with her eyes. “A pastel pink jeep?”

“No.” John deadpanned. “You know I don’t like spoiling you. You got a laptop last year, didn’t you?”

Everybody has a laptop, John. I’ve never owned luxury clothing, though. Or a car. Or a Tiffany bracelet!”

“Hmm…” Grandpa said. “What if you come to Mars with me, right now?” 

Marian sighed. “All right.”

A few minutes later, Marian and her friends climbed into the jet. Four hours had passed since the morning. 

They toured the entire rocket. There was a theater, a library, and a virtual reality room. But there was no cafeteria.

Marian barged into her grandfathers’ room. “I need some spaghetti and cheese- like, pronto.”

Her grandfather, however, was not there. You know what was? An application to the Schola Trium Papiliones. Also known as the School of the Three Butterflies. Some people joked about it being the Schola Atrium Papiliones because the school was basically a magnificent atrium with luxury rooms. What did they do during the rain? Oh, they simply walked around museums and went out for coffee. Because you’re so smart you don’t need school- but you can’t be somewhere else. Really, it’s where rich people sent their bad, but genius kids. You’d be surprised at how many million and billionaires had rowdy children. 

Marian bit back a choked tear. She wasn’t a bad kid- why was she being sent to this- this- luxury prison? She remembered other sixteen-year-olds would kill to have her life. While she complained about getting Chanel and Ralph Lauren, others would complain about getting hand-me-downs. While she wanted a pastel pink jeep, others wanted a simple car. Although, she hadn’t got a car yet, either, so she guessed they were about even on that one. 

When she was younger, she would brag that her grandfather was John Hickldve. 

“Liar,” The other kids would retort. “Why don’t you have the same last name?”

“My mom remarried because her previous husband was using her for money.”

“She could’ve kept your ‘grandfathers’ or your dad’s name.”

“Suki is a nice name!” Marian protested.

“Besides, my  grandfather is John Hickledve.”

Marian always got mad. One day, she brought him in. The kids suddenly worshipped Marian. 

Too bad the kids in her class were killed. 

It was a fire. She was in the bathroom. An arsonist and shooter had teamed up. She had escaped through the small, curtained window. When she got to the station, other frightened kids had been there with her.

Of the 1,000 kids in her middle school, 100 survived.

Marian shook her head at that memory. It wasn’t her fault.

Was it?

It turned out the murderers were one of her classmates’ parents- the only other one who survived. They could have been looking for her, and when they didn’t, went on a rampage. Marian shook the thought out of her head. 

Marian confidently went back towards Andrews’ room. “I need those chicken jalapeno sandwiches.”

Chad and Andrew were both digging into their fourth one. That left three.

“Oh, come on guys!” Marian crossed her arms. Then she uncrossed them and said quietly, “Can I have some cheesecake then?”

She had been so quiet that she thought no one heard her, but Andrew picked her up, cradled her like a baby, and stuffed a cheesecake in her mouth like a baby bottle.

“I didn’t mean that way.” Marian puffed.

Chad was beginning to feel like he hadn’t heard something. If he had known Marian wanted to eat something, he would’ve jumped at the chance. Chad was always used to listening to louder people: football coach, mom, dad, siblings, friends. He realized if he wanted a shot with Marian, he would have to be- gulp- quiet.

It was no surprise Andrew and Marian were friends. They were both quiet. Still, he felt Andrew had an unfair advantage. They were already friends. 

But he couldn’t break their friendship- that would ruin Andrew’s chances.

See, they both were after Marian. Both in the secret “I love Marian” Club (they were the only members).

Marian was sitting next to Andrew, popping pop-its. She had finished her cheesecake and was onto a sandwich. 

“Don’t you hate spicy stuff?” Chad said as Marian panted.

“No, she loves spicy stuff.” Andrew snorted.

“It’s true.” She said, taking another bite.

Just another thing Chad didn’t know.

Four hours and thirty minutes.

They lurched.

Grandpa Hickledve rushed in. “There’s a huge problem. There is a pegasus anxiously waiting to talk to you, Mari.”

Marian didn’t know that Pegasus could breathe in space. 

“Um, let her in?”

“No! That would waste so much air!”

“I know how it works, gramps.” 

Hickledve sighed and let the pegasus in.

“Evil deity.” Pegasus breathed.

“No way.” Marian said. When she had joked about the evil deity (in her head) earlier, she hadn’t been serious. The only myths she believed was Pegasus, and even then she only believed because they were best friends. Even then she didn’t believe in Poseidon.

 “Yes way. But not any myth you’ve heard of.”

“That doesn’t help.” If there was an evil deity, they would’ve already known how to defeat him/her/they, because they could just read the book. But now they had to figure it out themselves.

“My brother.”

“Your what?” Marian said. “I thought you were the only one.”

“No. Pagasos escaped when we were born.”

“Well, how do you defeat.. You?

“How am I supposed to know? I’m not dead.”

“You’re a reincarnation.”

“Fine. A gadfly.”

“Pftt.” Marian accidentally let out a laugh.

“It was a giant gadfly, for your information.”

“Geez. There are no flies in space.”

“Really? I didn’t know.” Pegasus snorted sarcastically.

They were lurching upwards. Higher than ever. Mount Olympus.

“I thought only certain gods could get up here.”

Pegasus cocked her head to one side, pulled clothes magically from her invisible pocket, and morphed into her “human” form. 

Chad, Andrew, and Hickledve turned around.

Pegasus laughed. “It’s okay,” said Marian. “That’s not how it works.”

Pegasus was still staring intently at Marian. “So. Gods and goddesses. Get up to Mount Olympus.”

Suddenly it clicked.

“No way. Even Gramps?” Marian cried.

Hickledve laughed. “Took you long enough.” 

“Aren’t all the god spots filled up?”


“So how are we…”

“We do the dirty work they don’t want to do.”

“Mommy? Daddy?”

“Your mom is half. She doesn’t know it.”


“You did something.”




“No one can befriend Pegasus.”

“Oh. Still, it doesn’t make sense.”

“How hard was it to simply talk to Pegasus? Let alone find her?”

Marian remembered. There had been sightings of Pegasus in her winged horse form. She had found her, after years (this was when she believed in unicorns.) But she couldn’t open her mouth to talk to her.

One day, she accidentally talked to Pegasus without Pegasus realizing it. Marian had felt magic flow through her but assumed it had been joy coursing through her veins.

“Sh*t. So I wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for… for.. Her?!” Marian cried. “No offense.” 

Pegasus had pale blonde hair with blue ends. Her skin was the color of cream. She had tiny feet and bright gray eyes. Right then, though, she was turning crimson. 

Marian had blue. Eyes, I mean. Her skin was tanned because she was always in the sun. This is not important. Just saying.

“Pangaia.” Pegasus snarled as a girl strode towards them.

“Pega.” The girl- Pangaia- snarled back.

Pangaia turned to Marian. “Pangaia, daughter of Gaea. I’m evil. And I know it.”

Marian put one eyebrow up- at least, tried to. “You seem nice.” Pangaia had earthy brown skin, moss green hair, and ocean blue eyes. 

“Pft.” Pangaia replied, but was secretly pleased. “Anyways, I’m your tour guide.”

Marian fell in step with Pangaia. Mount Olympus was nothing she had imagined, which was either a lot like the paintings or extremely modern.

Instead, Mount Olympus was a mix of both. Villas stood on either side of a rushing, bright river. At the very top stood Zeus’s castle. She knew it was his because:

  1. It had his name and a statue of him hovering above it.
  2. There were arrows saying, “visit Zeus’s castle!”

“Helllo.” Drawled a ravishing woman who looked exactly like what Marian had always wanted to look like.

Chad drooled. Andrew squinted at her and turned away. 

“Marian,” Andrew said. “She looks a lot like you…”

“No she doesn’t.” Snorted Chad. “Yeah, a little bit, but different.”

“Hello, Aphrodite.” Andrew continued on. “Before you catch me thinking that you’re pretty, Marian, I just want you to know that I like you. A lot.” Then he kissed her.

Marian grinned. “A little random, I admit, but-”

“Hello! I’m here, you know!” Aphrodite frowned. “Hickledve, is this really our granddaughter?”

Hickledve cleared his throat. “AnywaysmovingonhereismyhousethatIlivealoneinbytheway.”

“Wait. Gramps, back up. All the times grandma visited us, it was really Aph in disguise?”

“Well, no. Sort of. Her daughter’s reincarnation.”

“Then what do you really look like?”

Hickledve sighed and transformed. He turned into a gorgeous young man who looked younger than Marian herself.

She shrieked. “Turn back, turn back!”

But Hickledve could not. “Oh, come on.” 


“Power is like wifi. Pay a good amount of drachma and you get good wifi. I pay 295,000 drachmas and this is what I get? Back in the olden days we just needed to do favors. Curse humans. Curse Athena.” 

“Shut up, Giánnis. You’re just an ordinary angeliafóros.” Scoffed Aphrodite said, but with a smile on her lips. 

“Giánnis? Angeliafóros?” Marian shot in. “What does that even mean?” 

“Giánnis means ‘John’ in greek.” Said Pangaia. “ Angeliafóros means ‘messenger’.”

“Hermes?” Marian asked.

For the gods. Geez, you are, like, such an idiot. Angeliafóros make sure humans are in check, and that humans don’t know about… other angeliafóros?” John- I mean Giánnis, said.

Marian felt dumbfounded. All the things humans thought they knew. 

Four hours and forty minutes.

Andrew fiddled around in his pocket. “I’m not sure,” He said, “But I saw this in your backpack. Does this have anything to do with your godliness?”

You’re a god, too, you know.” Marian said.

“I know.” Andrew quipped. “I’ve known since birth.”

Marian swiveled to Chad. “And you?”

“Son of a nymph and Satyr.”


“I have a tail.”


“Made of moss.”

That explained the hat he always wore.

Marian suddenly stood rigid. So did Aphrodite. Their breathing became quick and stopped, then quick and stopped again. Their expressions changed. Aphrodite looked like a normal girl to her goddess self, her normal girl half a beautiful, tall, slim dark-eyed girl that Earthans would call a “goddess” or “queen”. Suddenly a sly grin went across their faces. “There’s a sale!” They screamed together. Hurriedly, they walked into an alleyway they had never seen before. Pangaia, Pegasus, Chad, Andrew, and Giánnis hurried to keep up with them. Usually Marian was slow, but now she was a super-shopping athlete. 

They stopped in front of a small cafe. It was broken down and seemed worthless. Only half the door remained. 

“I don’t know,” Chad muttered. “This doesn’t look like much.”

“You dare question Marian’s shopping senses?” Andrew guffawed. 

Just another thing I don’t know, Chad thought. 

They stepped inside. Suddenly, the cafe was a hundred times larger, and was delicately furnished with the finest cloth, silk, and leather. It wasn’t broken down like the outside. The most modern fashions were lined up, not more than one of each. Chanel handbags glistened. Hugo Boss heels shined. Ralph Lauren polo shirts were neatly folded. 

“Each costs three hundred drachmas!” A louder speaker announced. “If you’re Aphrodite or have shopping senses! Which only Aphrodite has! So…” 

Marian took a cart, and ordered everyone to do so. “Pick up at least one hundred items.”

Everyone took about 102 items. “306,000 drachmas? That’s about 1,050 us dollars!” Chad exclaimed. “My mom would kill me!”

Five hours.

They lurched forward. A big boom shook the earth Mount Olympus.

“Pagasos.” Fear entered Pegasus’s eyes. 

They rushed outside, clothes hidden away (somewhere).

Marian turned to Andrew. “If we die, I just want you to know-”

“Marian, I love you!” Chad said while Marian said “Andrew, I love you!” And Andrew said, “Marian, I love you, too!”

“What?!” Marian said. “Chad, you’re cool. You’re the most popular guy in school. Dating you would be so. Cool. But I realized I don’t want that. I want Andrew.”

Chad bit back his tears. He had never gotten rejected before. A new type of pain coursed through him. It was better when he was just waiting, waiting.

“Figures.” A black horse descended before him. He had pale blonde hair with blue ends, like his sister. However, his skin was the color of charcoal. He was at least six foot four and size eleven feet. His eyes were the same color as Pegasus’s, but his had a “you’re doomed” glow about them. “Goddess of heartbreak?”


“He doesn’t care. Plus, he’s the avenger of unrequited love.”

“This is the worst job to have!”

“You can stop heartbreaks.”

Marian shut up. 

“Anyways, back to my destroying earth plan: Chad. If you come with me, I can help you get your revenge.”

“Ooo!” Giggled an envy-green teen (who was really thousands of years old). Next to her, a fiery red girl stood laughing along. 

“Invidia,” Chad guessed. “But you’re Roman…”

“Don’t you know? We intermingle.” Invidia laughed. “Me and Nemesis were bored of wreaking havoc together between Rome and Greece, so we forced peace upon them. Now we have the most delightful times!”

Off to the side, angel-like girls the same-ish age looked disturbed. “That’s why you asked for me and Pax?”

“Oh, oh, oh, dear, sweet Eirene.” Nemesis giggled again. “The same old wars are boring. Who do you think delivered the world wars?”

“Why is everyone here a girl?” Chad murmured.

“Oh, the guys are just wrapping up a court charge. The rest of them are probably sleeping.”

“My evilness?” Pagasos interrupted. A black swirl hovered above his head, growing and growing. A cackle rose into him and Nemesis. They looked at each other and grinned.

“Wait.” Invidia said. “You guys are… are… dating?!”  Invidia looked like she was going to cry. “You lying, boyfriend stealing b*ch!” Invidia lunged towards Nemesis.

“Well, Nemesis will be useless. What do you say, sis? Spar for your weak little earth? “ 

“What does he mean by that?” Marian interjected. 

“I’m bonded to you. And you are bonded to earth. Unless you grow a hatred towards earth,” Pegasus gestured towards Invidia and Nemesis fighting, “You won’t be able to let it go. But I must ask, brother. Why waste time getting rid of Marian’s bond?” Pegasus pondered for a moment. “Wait. You- you care?”  Pegasus’ jaw hung open. 

Pegasus was blasted back. The villa behind her splashed open, but quickly built itself back. “Brother,” Pegasus glared. “Let’s do this somewhere else.”

Marian happily prodded along, pretending to be in a light mood to lift the mood. “Do you want some sand?” She had read somewhere that confusion improves moods. 

Pegasus only glared. Marian folded into herself. Okay then, she thought. I guess she doesn’t want me here. 

“Marian, dar-liiiing!” Aphrodite sang. “Come on over here!”

Marian took a few steps. “You’re not seriously thinking about abandoning me?” Pegasus said. 

“Well, you- I- I just…” Marian stammered. 

“No, she’s right.” Pagasos said. “It’s best we do this. Alone.”

Pegasus was getting nervous. They flew away, up to the battlefield in Zeus’s courtyard.

“Finally!” Zeus cried. A young female human smiled up at him, while Hera stood scornfully in the shadows. “Something exciting is going to happen. You can stay here if the earth is destroyed.”

“No, she cannot.” Hera yelled out.

The girl immediately frowned. “Wait, what?”

Pagasos blasted Pegasus with his black swirl. Zeus and the girl ate popcorn (while she recorded the whole thing with her phone. “I made this,” she claimed later on. It sold for millions. She became a famous screenplay writer, but none could compare to this!) and Hera shook her head sadly. 

Pegasus sprang forward and hit Pagasos in the chest. She blasted him with an identical swirl and barely scratched him.

“You abandoned me!” Pegasus yelled. “What did I do?”

“Does the name ‘Risita’ ring a bell?” He shot back. Swirls encircled Pegasus and exploded.

“You know that can’t defeat me.” Pegasus screamed. “But this can!” Pegasus brought her gadflies towards Pagasos. “And Risita was my friend first. You were the one who ruined our friendship!” The gadflies scurried away at the first sign of a gorgeous horse across the lawn. Pagasos momentarily lost focus, too. “Useless flies,” muttered Pegasus. “Can’t trust them for anything anymore.”

Pegasus jumped and hit his mouth. Her own was bleeding from the explosion.

“I know what really happened to Risita. If she’s the one I’m thinking of.” The girl said.

They all stopped and looked at each other. “What?” 

“Risita is my mother. She went into hiding after she became pregnant with me.” The girl scooped ice cream into her mouth. “Rosita. My name is Rosita.”

“Like I wanted it to be…” Pagasos murmured. “I thought Pegasus took her away. All the evidence…” A rage went through Pagasos. “Why are you here?”

She shrugged. “This dude thought I was cool.”

The sky rumbled. “I am Zeus! King of the-”

“I know, I know, quit saying that. “

“Girl, this place is dangerous.” Pegasus said. “Why would Risita go into hiding?” 

“She was pregnant. With me. Make the connections.” Rosita said flatly. “Honestly. Pegasus, you’re my aunt. Pagasos, you’re my dad. Mom said to tell you once she died, but..”

Pagasos was running towards her with open arms. “Wait,” he realized. “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

Rosita waved her phone. “Honestly, oldies these days.”

“I am your father! You shall-”

“You weren’t even here for my-”

“You know that wasn’t my fault!”

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