By @ThatFishyNerd

Patriots is a poetry collection which focuses on the lives of said ‘Patriots’, anonymous beings who are proud, beautiful and courageous, but also deceiving, bloodthirsty and destructive. DISCLAIMER - This is a work of fiction This is also advice to not be blindly devoted to one’s country. This book doesn’t mean to discourage patriots. Loving one’s country isn’t a sin. Some content might come across as violent. Drugs aren't encouraged as they are injurious to health and can be lethal.

Chapter 1

Patriots. pt. 1


Never was a Patriot, never was the perfect child

In the eyes of those who don’t know me

I don’t recite legends of my country

I don’t wear the flag over my heart

Like the rest of them

Dressed in saffron, white, green

Singing hymns, writing poetry

They pretend they don’t know me

I don’t laugh when they tell jokes

It’s on purpose that they ignore me

References to which I’m unfamiliar

Whispers ring in my ears

They laugh when I don’t know

What they say, what they’re saying

Thoughts form but I’m blind to them

And I wonder if their mothers and fathers

Forced them to sit with the “stuck up kid”

And get it over with

As they sit by the fire drinking tea

Talking about politics and work

The kids, they laugh and don’t stop

They make jokes when I talk

They could’ve said:

“Eccentric, unique, out of the norm”

Instead, they chose the crude way:


I don’t mind; at least I’m not a fool

I may be a ‘sinner’, but I’m not a tool

I don’t go around spreading lies like:

“The people are saints and the country is a gem”

When they sit by the fire, I don’t laugh with them.

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