By @liaqatahmed08


By @liaqatahmed08

Alien parasites have come to take over the Earth and are individually targeting human hosts. This chapter is a prologue which gives the origins of the story.

Chapter 1


Nicole looked up at the darkening purple sky. “It is getting dark faster these days, and more colder too” She thought while unconsciously wrapping her arms around herself. “I must get to my photography spot fast.” Then registering the goosebumps on her hands. “If I get to the spot within half an hour then that should give me enough time to set up my camera. Thinking this she entered the darkening forest ahead. “Something feels eerie tonight” She thought . Little did she know, she was right.

In the center of the forest was a very beautiful rose. Even animals used to stop and admire the rose. It was of the purest deep red. Even its petals were perfectly aligned and symmetrical. Well that was until a peculiar pod landed landed on it. The pod was completely contrasting to the beautiful rose. It was almost like a mini spaceship but only this one looked as if it was built from odd objects made found in the scrap yard. If someone was looking at it would notice this out of the world object for only about half a minute, before it dissolves into the rose and unleashing the snail like creature. This creature was even more peculiar than the scrap spaceship. It had no antennae on its head for starters and its face was almost conical pointing ahead and the its skin color. The head was as white as the moon shining above and going towards the tail its color started becoming pale and its tail was almost transparent. It looked around. Thinking deeply.

Nicole lay down on the mud, smiling, staring at the moon. After triple checking her camera. Now all she had to do was take the perfect shot once the meteor passes overhead between the moon and the earth. A natural phenomena possibly only once for the people on the Earth. The stars would make a perfect background for her shot. “I can sell the picture and finally fulfill my long shunned dreams.” She thought drifting into her daydreams slowly .

I will charge $100 per picture

The parasite saw Nicole.

I will only photograph influencers like celebs and models.

The parasite started crawling towards Nicole

I will move to the city

5 meters

There will be a whole new set of opportunities.

4 meters

Clients will come running to her

3 meters

She wont have to go begging to clients

2 meters

She will use only designer products and always be seen with the latest iPhone.

1 meter

But first obviously she has to check the camera settings.

The parasite reached her

Suddenly Nicole felt something sharp on her ankle and felt herself falling backward . The last thing she saw was the meteor pass overhead.

The sun poked her eyes. She tried to open them but something else was preventing her from doing so. It was almost as if something was controlling her.

“My new body will take some getting used to”

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