Parallel lines

By @Imnothuman-gb

Parallel lines

By @Imnothuman-gb

This is an article/music review about one of the pioneering punk albums and frontwoman led bands: Blondie. I really want to go into music journalism when I am older, so if you have any top tips or connections please comment! also, check out the links in the article! Have a nice day.

Chapter 1

Blondie is an American rock band that pioneered the punk and rock movement in the early 70s. It was founded by frontwoman Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. They have inspired successfully bands and musicians including No Doubt, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and 90s Riot Grrrl group Sleater-Kinney. In this article, I will be talking to you about one of the most influential albums of the seventies: Parallel Lines.

It is the third studio album by American rock band Blondie. It was released on September 23, 1978, by Chrysalis Records to reach international commercial success. Parallel Lines was a pop rock album in which Blondie achieved their “synthesis of the Dixie Cups and the Electric Prunes”. Its style of “state-of-the-art pop/rock circa 1978”, as AllMusic’s William Ruhlmann described it, showed Blondie deviating from new wave and emerging as a pure pop band.

But one of the most well-known songs from this album, and from the band, is One Way or Another. (Here is the song for you to listen to: ). The song is about a stalker with evil intentions, but the song is very catchy, thus masking the true meaning of the song. It was said by Debby Harry to be inspired by real events, where she “was actually stalked by a nutjob, so it came out of a not-so-friendly personal event. I tried to inject a little levity into it to make it more light-hearted. It was a survival mechanism.”

The reason I decided to do my first review about this album is because of how it set the way for the music I listen to and the person I am today. Debbie Harry inspired me to be an independent, empowered female musician in a world where I am constantly told I can’t do certain things due to my gender. I highly recommend listening to this Band, and if you want to hear more songs by alternative, punk or rock bands featuring a female front-woman check out this playlist:

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