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By @lizzygrant

That unknown pink ink

To That parallel galaxy

“It never was about the money or the looks, for you there’s only love”

“For you there’s only love”

Another dawn, another fly over my head begging me not to fall… fall in too deep… fall in with you… falling for you..

But perhaps you wouldn’t find it quite unpleasant, because I can’t help but cherish you.

Only you.You can not imagine the unbearable sorrow that fills me while thinking about these two years passed without you. Forgive my devotion. Forgive my love. Forgive me, because I miss you.The lack of you has been such a satanic curse, I couldn’t and wouldn’t agree more if you have found your beloved other half…but just realise that nobody will ever love you in the way I did, nor as much. Maybe we’re perfect strangers, but we are as perfect as lilac skies, as sunflowers. Maybe if we were roses, with golden mosaics all over our crowns, you’d appreciate the circumstances, but we are no pairs…

Roses are red, violets are blue, grass is green. Grass, in the background. Grass is always in the background, in the front though, there are violets and roses.felling like if I were in a pupets’ show, in tthat front seet, but can not reach the scene, nor the feelings, can not get the vibes, but still clapping with the crowd at the delightful kiss of the two socks…Can not enter their world, can not stop the happening, but at least I can applause with my withdrawn tears, relentlessly trying to seek some of the misunderstanding’s seasonning. But never were, and I am still clapping, at the fool i made of myself, trying to create my own chance, but most importantly, failing at it.

Time kills lovers. Some romances never start, others never end. We are the both sides of that knife, but sides have no common directions.

As parallel as our worlds,we might as well stay hurt, but together, and that’s all it counts.

Together and very faraway from each other, as we are,as an old memory…

With love.


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  1. lizzygrant

    Jul 7, 2021

    hi everybody long time no see

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