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By @Joyful17

Through a window, the wind blows in, 

And in it, a romantic hope spins. 

Paper flies, yet misses its mark, 

Its destiny unreached, a pretty little lark. 

The dream of the chaser, seems to die, 

While piles of folded paper, scattered lie.  

A chance of a meeting, yet the reconnect seems lost, 

As fate plays with the airplanes, in a wind-full toss. 

The man, yet near a boy, runs to the sought-out prize, 

And yet it is out of his reach, the wind ever-wise.  

Still it guides them, seemingly nowhere at all, 

An invisible force, seeming to call 

Onto a train, speeding down the track, 

Until, at last, our heroes touch backs.  

Now pause in the moment, lets not jump ahead, 

But imagine a dream, once crushed, but revived instead. 

Imagine a hope, a weak one at that, yet defies all reason, 

Still it happens, in this winter-fall season.  

Now jump back to the present, resume the tale, 

As these lovebirds embark on an unmarked trail.

Their hearts start to beat, at a double time,

As thoughts start to race and begin climb.

That pinnacle moment, as they turn their heads

Seems to finish the ends, of fates threads. 

That glance of disbelief, is met quickly with an embarrassed flush,

Reveals a quick, and yet real crush. 

The awkward moment, where both try to speak,

As both try to talk, but conversation is weak.

And this is were we leave the lark and the sparrow,

Waiting to see if this fledging romance can survive till tomorrow. 

Who knows what is in store, for these paper-bound two,

Only our imaginations can we see what they’ll do.

The point of the story, is go chase your dreams,

Courage, is not always as it seems.

It can come in different forms, so go pursue something new,

It might come in the form of an airplane that flew. 

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