Pandora's Box

By @Robear1021

Pandora's Box

By @Robear1021

A Poem about the pitfalls of beauty.

Chapter 1

Pandora’s Box

Look at me

Beautiful am I

Intricately detailed

Elegantly decorated

But there is a lock

For a reason….


Oh, and my lock

The magnificent lock

Made of the finest gold

It sparkles so bright

Brighter than a star

But again, there is a lock

For a reason


Just the sight of me

Mesmerizes you

As you look

As you stare

As you start to gaze

Upon me


The colors come alive

Captivating you

Enticing you

Seducing you

Remember there is a lock

For a reason


So perfectly shaped

As if the hands of

God made thee

Corners so sharp

They cut the sky

Edges so perfect

You seem to fall

Off the earth

Caution still!

There is a lock

For a reason


A beauty the mesmerizes

A glimmer that captures

A perfect shape

And the sparkling lock

But beyond lies the darkness

Lies the evil

Ready to engulf your soul

For this reason

And this reason only

There is a Lock!

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