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It was 2 years back when i was celebrating the end of my first english story..There was no intention to go with the second one but as thought come to the mind as if i couldn’t be able to concentrate on studies and i started disclosing my thoughts through writing..i didn’t want to keep that thoght as the 'untold story'..Nowadays people are busy in listening to the ordinary love story..But the harsh reality is that every single love story has its own painful chapter which i just tried to pen down

Chapter 6


Whom she would tell all these untold stories? She tried her best as much she could do to get rid of this pain given by rahul and made her mind understand that in married life it happens..But the girl was seeking some sort of care from her husband..Even for this she could do everything in fact used to tolerate this pain happily and didn’t just let her husband know how much pain she has..But her husband doesn’t even know how to make a woman happy..He doesn’t even have any kind of abcd knowledge of married life..Sharmila has been beaten in every single night..Now she regrets herself for getting married with him..She regrets because she was cheated by his so called ‘love’..

It’s very obvious that in our society generally a girl wants her virginity to be lost by her husband..Rahul might be her husband but didn’t seem to be like that as he couldn’t even think about love for which sharmila came in to his life despite having all problems..Every single night sharmila was compelled to have sex with him painfully..She used to cry at that time but rahul didn’t bother about her emotion..He acted like a pervert..Sharmila was sexually harassed during that time..She was also brutally assaulted by him the so called husband..

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