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It was 2 years back when i was celebrating the end of my first english story..There was no intention to go with the second one but as thought come to the mind as if i couldn’t be able to concentrate on studies and i started disclosing my thoughts through writing..i didn’t want to keep that thoght as the 'untold story'..Nowadays people are busy in listening to the ordinary love story..But the harsh reality is that every single love story has its own painful chapter which i just tried to pen down

Chapter 3


After passing some days everything was in a normal way as if nothing had happened in their first night..Then one day Rahul planned for their honeymoon and that was in a holiday when they had gone to a marvelous place was far away from their house..But there was a bit of doubt of the presence of ‘HONEY’ in their so called honeymoon..However both of them went for the seeking of love..In their first night of the honeymoon she even couldn’t be able to think what was going on that night..If she did, she would probably think a million times before getting married with Rahul..Never thought that she had to come across rahul in that way..

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