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It was 2 years back when i was celebrating the end of my first english story..There was no intention to go with the second one but as thought come to the mind as if i couldn’t be able to concentrate on studies and i started disclosing my thoughts through writing..i didn’t want to keep that thoght as the 'untold story'..Nowadays people are busy in listening to the ordinary love story..But the harsh reality is that every single love story has its own painful chapter which i just tried to pen down

Chapter 2


Rahul frequently approached her several times for having an intercourse..but sharmila didn’t want that too early, especially before the marriage..Every single time he tried to convince her by mentioning about their upcoming marriage ceremony but sharmila was strictly refusing that proposal made by rahul..Sharmila felt some sort of uneasiness with rahul for his unexpected behaviour..It didn’t happen with sharmila earlier but why she was feeling like that?

Finally they got married..on their first night sharmila got her periods and was trying to convince him with love saying that she was not ready to have intercourse with him right now but rahul got angry after hearing such kind of unpredictable words coming from his partner..Seeing his face sharmila was frightened to face him..Rahul slapped twice her face and leave her alone of their first night..Sharmila started crying..However their first night was not well..

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