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It was 2 years back when i was celebrating the end of my first english story..There was no intention to go with the second one but as thought come to the mind as if i couldn’t be able to concentrate on studies and i started disclosing my thoughts through writing..i didn’t want to keep that thoght as the 'untold story'..Nowadays people are busy in listening to the ordinary love story..But the harsh reality is that every single love story has its own painful chapter which i just tried to pen down

Chapter 1


Sharmila an excellent student of botany lived in a town in bangalore city..She was extremely good at education as well as in art also..Being a single daughter of her parents she had got a lot of affections and was expected to be a good teacher by her well wishers..But who could say that the dark age of her life would come in a way she along with her family couldn’t be even thinking about it..

Rahul a boy of mechanical engineering studied in the same college..The boy is senior to her..seeing sharmila for the first time he was overwhelmed with her beauty..Rahul thought to have her at any cost..He wanted sharmila to become his girlfriend..One day rahul directly proposed to her by a surprising approach but sharmila took some time and then gave her affirmative answer..Since then they were having a relationship..Sometime rahul tried a lot to meet her in vain..Here one thing is that sharmila generally didn’t like to go or talk with him that much as she belonged to a reputed family..But one day it did happen..They met and had a fruitful conversation went on while coming back home from college and they used to do it in habitual way..As a result of it sharmila was deeply connected with rahul..It was continuing in a way rahul really wanted to do..However both of their families had been concerned about their relation and took it in a positive way..

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