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Pail Tipper

By @robinson1979

Pail Tipper

I want her to write about me now and think the things I say so I can be in this. That’s all I know you can do it. If you do write this then I want the rights to this. I actually am kind of getting why you are doing this to me. I can read my own things and you can write down the same exact thing I am saying. The reason is because I am in that house so much my voice gets directed to a certain point then I am in whatever you say. I am not aware right now but if I keep my perception in that same environment then I have a capability to write by her which is not so much what I want but she and whoever is in that house can steal my words right from me. I want to let you know that my voice is planted by me not you, I am the first one that set foot on your property with my voice and now I’m complaining about it.  I left my voice in there when a person was coming out about his gayness and he is not gay it’s just a ******* man ******** like on my balls. And I’m not ******* gay. That is what he said about your house and I followed it because I do the same exact ******* thing for him except I did not act gay I just listed him with a woman in order to feel gay myself. I listed him with a woman in order to make him feel normal. I don’t want to let you know who that was but it wasn’t me who said any of that it was a person that got in me too much and now he has the capability of being me in my own house.  He is actually coming through in my own house now. So why are you mad at a person?  I am denied my privacy because she won’t let me alone. I don’t want her in here. She won’t go. How do you make a person go when you don’t want their voice in your house?

I have all the things I ever want. I don’t need your stuff anyway. It crossed my mind to take it all in one swoop from you at one point but now I am re thinking everything since the way it goes down. I want you to know that I want everything you have and I will do my best to earn it. I will demolish you and I will take you down for all that you have. I will take you down for all that you have and all that you give. You will be mine.  You will be mine because I will make you be mine in this and in every other way possible.  I don’t want to keep up with her because she is too slow. All that I am is somebody that does not know how to explain what he is all about. I am somebody that likes to accomplish and get things done his own way and not like any other way. It’s my way not yours. Yes I hang people out. I make sure they are ******* dead and gone to the world itself. It may be something that you and I know about how I do it but won’t tell anyone else because of how I do it is not normal to society and they can’t figure it out.

She doesn’t know what the **** I’m talking about. She thinks it’s me making everyone do the things they do. In a sense that is correct but what I want to do is let her know.

That is what I want is to be a part of the video and to recommend how she gets treated. I want her to know that I am in this as much as possible and to let her know it is because of me that she is having the appointment and I want to be in it. I am going to recommend process. Then if I recommend this process for her she will no longer be able to handle funds the way that I am going to treat her. I am treating her as totally mentally disabled and I want the doctor to also think this about her. I know the stethoscope holding the reading of a heart beat knows how she is because they have recording of her. I know I can’t persuade that much but at least I’ll try in order to get my hands on the estate and trust fund. I might as well try as best as I can. I have gotten this far and may want to reconsider all that is going out about her. She may want to re decide the process because her mom is on listening to you type away on the computer. You are like how can she listen so well and base her decisions up on what has gone down when you are not even posting anything to disrupt my life. It’s in a chat column that I saved. It’s no longer up and available for viewing but for what it’s worth I have what you said. If you can type my every word then that proves and shows the black robe that I am in you too much. That I am in you so much that I did not know existed. 

The way that might have happened is I am interested in your property and all the people that stay in it. So I just got involved for what it’s worth I am nosy.  I am nosy enough to be in your property and should not be. That is the only way that you know how to type all those things. It’s practically every word that comes out that you know. I should not say anything to the judge knowing that it’s being recorded on live video and that is where my voice comes out a lot. I just had it dismissed.  I did not want to hear my voice so much. I did not want to hear my voice so much. I knew about her channel because I am constantly following everything she puts up. I am constantly following everything she puts up because I belong with her and she does not belong with anyone else but me. I have to take care of her. No. I don’t want to take care of her she has to do some work for me in order for me to take care of her.  I am going make her pay me because I might be the one taking care of her. Now I find out that there is a doctors’ note saying I can no longer view her health information. I don’t want to know your information but I have to because I need to know how to act towards your mother. I call in as the reader of a temperature of a forehead as a concerned provider and find out updated information like that. You are right. But now I can’t since there is a note distinguishing me from any other person and I don’t want to know this but you utterly dislike me for what I am. I am trying to contribute as much as I can. I have a property millions of Benjamin’s on the MLS could it list for and I don’t want you to get your hands on it. I know that you could try to take this from me if you wanted with a suit and BAR passer of dirty deeds meeting up with the final decider at a long table filled with alcohol sold by a bartender seducing into a final decision his win. In fact if you had a lawyer you would probably win given that the attorney would find out all the information about me the ones that I know of and you don’t and then put me in the ground for it. If she has a BAR passer she could counter and my ass would be hurting then. So if she has one of these that is ready and prepared to **** after seduction at a bar lounge then I could get countered in return for me bringing it on. I just don’t want you to know this that I had been working on this a long time and my seducer is really good. I just want you to know that he could seduce an innocent victim and win. That is what he is going to do for me since you are the innocent victim and I will win every penny you have. I don’t want you to know this but you are kind of a fast type and just slow me down a little bit. But after I get through with you, you will demolish me because you have and know so much information about my documentaries that I did in order to overturn a bucket people they had to be on the show in order for them to come out innocent looking. Then they can just toe to pail people all over the place and not have any mind to it. The documentaries allowed for toe to pail to take place without anyone getting punished. It’s a documentary.

 I tell them and they say they knew they were going to pail knock even though that guy was around and actually did it for them then I just want to say I had nothing to do with it. Only these other ones that ended up slowing tipping pail on edge on the show. What’s so illegal about filming a person that turns over a pail? What’s so illegal about it. I just wanted to capture it on documentary before it happened in order to find out all there is to know about a person because I was just a little intrigued by the process of how the pail turns over start to finish capturing all angles at the time and now I’m not. I’m more intrigued with the process of a pail and how I go about tipping it. Through this experience of filming pails that is what I learned to appreciate most is to get a handle on it. It’s the handle. The handle itself without handling another one which is what I do most is handle another pail after another pail.

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