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By @Skinny_Towels

Quotes from the Eye's beginning...

“We are everything, and yet nothing. Born, and yet withered. Must we continue to kill and maim? I think not.”

~Dameon the Foresighted

We have defeated the Earth, my friends. Not only that, but we have defeated our minds. This Scan will change our future. No longer will there be poor and rich. No longer will anyone be forced to be anything they aren’t meant to be. This is perfection, humanity. All are one, one are all. And most importantly, we are everything.”

~Gorgon the God, inventor of the Scan and founder of the Eye. 

“How dare you violate nature. Mother Earth has been nothing but kind, and we were the ones to destroy her. Did I implant that bomb? Yes. Do I regret it? Not in the slightest. You lot are out of your minds if you think this ‘utopia’ will ever work.”

~The Darkened one, a member of the Naturalist cult, immediately following the murder of Gorgon the God.

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