Our little kitty(proxies x reader) chapter 1 and 2

By @Littledipper2788

Our little kitty(proxies x reader) chapter 1 and 2

By @Littledipper2788

My first fan fiction so don't judge it is only chapter one and two.A new girl who just moved gets kidnapped by the proxies to become one who will be her true love.For next fan fiction vote masky x reader, ticci Toby x reader, or hoodie x reader. Thank you!!!!!

Inspired by:

Chapter 1

New schoolboys

You walk through your first period door,and you are greeted by at least 30 pairs of eyes and then you were introduced to the class by the teacher “everyone this is (y/n),she is our new student I hope you treat her with much respect.” She said in a stern voice to the class “you may sit back there” she told directly towards you “thank you very much” you said and went towards your desk.

At the end of the school day someone tapped on your shoulder. You looked back to she a girl “ew look at the new girl such a freak!” You stayed silent and heard footsteps behind you,you turned to see three other kids two boys and one girl the girl said “leave her alone Beth” as she grabbed your arm and walked away “I’m Skylar and these two are Ethan and Jake” she introduced herself and the others so you just responded with “oh I’m (y/n) I live on the next street “

“Okay, I know a short cut so are you ok with going through the woods?” She asked “yes that’s fine” you answered.You were scared to go the woods because you had heard people who went in never came out , nevertheless you said ‘yes’.

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