Other Side

By @snekkysnek32405

Other Side

By @snekkysnek32405

The Splitting War has caused nothing but pain and grief. The start of the epic tale starts now. Rayla, a water-walker, air-weaver, and lightning striker, has to go to the Other Side, and find the Sunset people. Many have died from the impossible quest. Can Rayla find the Sunset people and survive the perilous journey?

Chapter 1

Prologue: The Splitting War

Prologue: The Splitting War

Before there were cities, there were the Sunset and Sunrise tribes. The people had the ability to bend the elements. Earth-shakers, air-weavers, water-walkers, fire-breathers, and lightning-strikers. The two great tribes came together in peace after centuries of fighting. They created the gleaming city, Solis. However, not everything could remain peaceful with the two very different tribes. One terrible year, their evil King died without any heirs to inherit the throne. The Sunset people argued that they should elect a royal, to solve the many problems that the tyrant king had ignored.The Sunrise people desired to keep the royal line pure and demanded to find a relative with royal blood. Riots grew frequently. The current leader, a general, struggled to maintain harmony. The two races split. They divided half of the continent, each to live on their own. Yet, the trade was unfair, and the Sunset people got the worse end of the deal. Their land consisted of many deserts. The land was harsh and hard to live in. The Sunsets protested and a war erupted. The war was great and terrible, lasting for 10 long years. Finally, the war was won by the Sunrise people, and they built a wall on the boundary of the territories. Many people of the Sunset race was slaughtered, and there was rumors that the Sunset people became savages, trying to destroy the Sunrise people. The King placed a law that two-thirds of the young adults turning the age of 19, would have to enter into the side of the Sunsets and find the Sunsets. Many have died from this proclamation, and the Sunrise people started to struggle.

The nervous General stood in the trench, nervously watching the battlefield. His soldiers, equipped with dark purple armor, fought a losing battle. The General’s trench was packed with dirty soldiers and some more important ranking soldiers too. A couple more trenches laid in front if them. Explosions echoed in the background. Guns roared, bullets whistling through the air. Some struck the soldiers, each falling with a cry.

“Sir!” cried a messenger boy, running towards him.

The General turned around to address him. The boy was about 19 years with dark skin, and milky chocolate hair. His eyes were a sharp silver, flitting back and forth. He skinny, light purple robes clothing him for swift movement.

“The Sunrise are killing us by the hundreds. The Sunrise are all crying ‘surrender or die’. Our ranks are dwindling fast and we are outnumbered 3 to 1.”

The General’s eyes hardened and he sighed angrily.

“Very well. Return to Terra and go to the hospital. Tell them the Midnight Bear sent you.” the General rumbled.

The boy bowed lightly and scuttled off, out into the open, away from the war. He eventually faded from sight.

“What was his name?” asked the General to his Lieutenant.

“His name was Karan Vobe.” answered the Lieutenant, after checking his FlowTablet.

The General thought to reward the boy when he got back to Terra.

“Hmm…we are losing this war. Have the remaining people in Solis Occasum evacuate to Terra. And do it fast!”The General ordered.

His Lieutenant gave a slight bow and ran off, barking orders. A few feet in front of the General, was an open field, littered with dead bodies and blood. The armor of dark purple, mixed with gold, marked the soldiers of Sunset. The soldiers of Sunrise had a light blue and gold armor.

To the left of the field was Solis Occasum, the Sunset city. Hopefully my people have been evacuated, the General thought. That thought didn’t last to long. A couple WindCutter planes, Sunrise planes, flew over the city, and unleashed hell fire. The bombs struck the city with full force. Towers collapsed, shatters echoed and fire consumed the city. Cries and screams drifted up from the city. The General stood in the trench, surprised. The troops in the trench stopped everything they were doing and watched in complete shock. Some of the soldiers fighting watched sadly as their home was demolished. The Sunrise soldiers killed them as the soldiers watched in shock. The General shook his head sadly, trying to rid the thoughts in his head.


Bodies scrambled and yells broke the air. Bullets whistled, some people fell, their freedom and life so close, yet not. The General broke into a sprint, grabbing at fallen soldiers that tripped.

“GO!” the General shouted.

In front of him, masses of people cluttered around what looked like….nothing. The earth seemed to swallow people whole, sending them to the bowels of the earth. The General saw a group of green-banded people, some of them sending people to the underground city.

“BUILD A WALL!” he screeched at them.

Around 7 of the green-bands broke away and ran in front of the scattered troops. The 7 lined up next to each other, their hands flew in front of them. Their eyes glowed a different shades of green, a wispy green aura surrounded them. Their bands glowed violently. A rumble shook the land, and some people stopped to watch.The earth burst up from the ground, clawing at the air. Earth flew, chunks and boulders falling to the ground. The General smiled. His wall had been built. Knowing it wouldn’t last long, the General rounded on the last hundred people.


The people snapped out of their trance. Immediately, people began to be swallowed again. Planes from the Sunrise attempted to fly over the wall, only to be smacked by a giant hand of earth. Soon, everyone was in the ground and safe. The General let out a relieved breath. He had done it. He had saved his people. Yet, they were hiding, forced to live underground for perhaps the rest of their race.

“DROP THE WALL!” the General ordered.

The Earth-shakers dropped their concentration, and the wall crashed into the earth. A dust cloud fogged the ground. Sweat beaded the earth-shakers foreheads, their exhaustion visible.

“Wait! I need one to stay with me!” the General exclaimed.

The group paused for a second, glancing at each other, uncertain. Finally, one of the earthies broke into a sprint towards the General. The other earth-shakers were swallowed into the earth, disappearing.

“Stay behind me, then we’ll leave.”

The earthie nodded, and stood back a bit, giving the General space. The General shrugged up his purple sleeve, revealing a metallic yellow band. The General raised his hands, his eyes glowing with sparks. His fingers danced with sparks. A fleet of Sunrise planes flew towards him. The troops did the same, yet they were confused. Hadn’t they won? They did destroy the city, and there was no other Sunsetian in sight, except for the two in front of them. It seemed a little fishy to them. But they had orders. To kill every. Last. Sunsetian. The General’s body irradiated with electricity, sparks flew from his body. The General smiled, he was finally charged. The General looked forward at the troops, and flung his arm towards the oncoming army. Lightning jumped off his arm and raced towards the army. The bolts instantly killed the front line of the army. The General sent large bolts of lightning to the planes. The lightning sliced right through the planes, making the metal look like paper. The planes spiraled down, broken. They crashed to the earth, the explosion flung soldiers. The General ran towards the remaining troops, of which around 500 left. He lept into the air, lightning killing everyone around him. Bolts cut through the soldiers like wet paper. The General raged, and he erupted into a orb of lightning. The orb consumed everything, bright and dangerous. White light shone on everything. The General stopped the electricity flow. Everything sucked back into the General. The General crashed to the ground, and the ground cracked with the intense pressure. The General sprinted back to the earthie and grabbed his wrist. The General passed numerous bodies, both blue and purple. The burning Solis Occasum was left behind, a sad memory.

“Take us down.” the General ordered.

The earthie nodded and his eyes glowed green, his band glowed. The General felt the familiar feeling of being sucked into the earth. He sank into the earth and felt the dirt press at his sides.

A man paced in his throne room, his pace quick and frustrated. His advisors shifted their positions uncomfortably, some were sweating lightly. The King stared outside, the glass fogging up from his breath. The King was a sharp man, someone not to be crossed. He had pale skin with stormy gray eyes. The King had shiny, platinum blonde hair. He had sharp ****** features, making him look lethal. Many could say he was handsome and attractive. His throne room was one to behold. It was spacious, a dome shaped room. The dome was a crystal clear glass, shadows fell through the glass, making the room ominous. On the walls was the starting history of the Sunrise race. Embroidered on the floor was veins of gold, each connecting to a history piece, then to the throne. The throne was bolted to the floor, and the veins of gold wound around the golden throne. From the top of the throne, light blue rained down. A sun was on the back of the seat, halfway on the top, like it was rising. The throne faced the massive glass wall, made to see the sunrises. Finally, a messenger boy walked briskly into the room. Everyone turned towards the boy, and he flinched underneath the intense stares. He wore a ratty blue robe to cover his shivering body.

“S-sir, the Sunset people have been destroyed. General Aranel Bane would like to see you now to discuss.”

The King nodded, dismissing the boy. The boy trembled and bowed, and briskly walked out of the room. Immediately, a broad shouldered man burst into the room. His golden skin flushed with anger. He had think golden hair, which was disheveled. His sky blue eyes darted around the room.

“Half of our army was obliterated from a lightning-striker! All of the Sunset people have disappeared and our spies are certain that at least a third of the population has survived.” he hissed.

“Aranel, calm yourself.” the King said cooly.

Aranel paced the room, his hands running through his hair. The King resumed staring out of the window, studying the far-out-front-line. He glanced to his left, the burning city of the Sunset people destroyed. The King felt his face twist up into a icy smile. Yet, he could feel an uncertainty tugging at the back of his mind. The King dismissed the thought. He would dwell on it later. 10 years of hard war had tired him. Aranel approached the King.

“I’ve heard rumors that the lightning orb was caused by…”Aranel trailed off, afraid to say his name, least the King would smite him. The King turned sharply to face him, his face a mask. Aranel felt fear ball up inside him. How could the King react this way?

“Rouse my wife, Alea. Tell her to make a public announcement that we have won the war.” the King ordered.

“Yes, sir.” an Advisor spoke up.The Advisor quickly wrote something down on a FlowTablet.

“Also, tell her to say that anyone housing or aiding a Sunsetian will be executed and their family will be shunned…” the King smiled frostily.

Aranel stiffened.

“Something wrong Aranel?” the King asked slowly.

“No.” Aranel replied.

“Good.” the King turned to leave the room. “Dismissed!”

The King threw open the doors, his thoughts swimming.

I can finally conquer Aglistan. And soon everything will be mine, the King thought with satisfaction.

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