Online school

By @Bri2007

Online school

By @Bri2007

A poem about online school written by a 13-year-old with experience in Online school.

Chapter 1

Online School

Don’t Yawn 

Turn your camera on

Be silent

I said be quiet 

Don’t Be loud

Don’t space out

Unmute yourself

Ask for help

What they don’t know 

Is what we don’t show

In our mind

Adults go blind

What are they thinking

OH MY GOD my grades are gonna be slipping

I have so much work

Hide my quirks

Their gonna see

Am I too mean

I don’t understand

I’m so bland 

Oh my I look so weird

I wish I could just disappear

My cameras on

Did I just get called upon

Don’t cough don’t cough

Oh look my wifi shut off

Now I’m sitting here making up an excuse

Online school feels like Mental Abuse

Dear teachers please check-in

Cause you can’t see what your students feel within

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  1. HPfan

    So true!! Online school is such a pain sometimes, and especially during the pandemic its so hard to reach out and ask for help. Your poem is short but sweet. Lovely!! please, please keep writing.

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