One year

By @krisikrilisi

Chapter 1


Life is funny thing one day you are up and one day without expectation you in the bottom of social chain. From the luxury habits to the table cleaning at the cheap bar. Combine those to thinks and you have psychological breakdown. One day you are in 9 inch heels looking all glamour’s with expensive haircut and French manicure and now your nails and hairs depleted your eyes are sour from all the sleepless nights and bad habits you developed just to ease your pain just forget your gain. One, two, three, you counting your tips to afford gas and cheap cigarettes- four, five, six you still counting to buy papers for your son. All started when you was born, at start there was a mother, a father then you, later your brother and by years passing there was left only your mother and the ghost, caricature of your father, alcohol took him away and at the time when you needed families authority most they wasn’t there. After psychology abuse by father you couldn’t take it anymore and left your home town behind leaving your mother, your brother and your education. At the time you believed you made the right choice and till this day no matter where you are you still believe that, that was the best step you made in your entire life. Without regrets you made your life obey for you. There was the time you made money and you spend them in posh London restaurants, you had social life surrounded by fake, plastic people and you smoked weed every day, danced all night in the clubs, you allure and loved yourself, only yourself. Now is all gone and you appreciate small things- now even you broke and you live with same alcoholic father your run away long years ago and you life in old, dirty house pointlessly trying to clean that **** hole everyday you coming back there after eleven hour shift for 15 Euros you still pleased that you have that **** hole under your head with good internet accesses, you feel joy seeing your mother holding her grandson- my son next to her heart, kid is happy, loved and psychologically safe, he eats organic food and breaths ‘clean country side air. You fell joy every time you find the time hold and talk with your son. You alcohol and drug free person and have ******* big dreams, hard life experience pushed you to try change your life and perhaps one day change someone’s else bad destiny. Particularly this year brought you all at once your life changed once you wasn’t alone anymore and short time after you got to know you pregnant at fifth month you realised is nothing there to do so you dropped all and got back to hide for while in country side back to your birth family, after being back you sow why you left and at first you cried a lot but then you understood that tears won’t help you so you start changing your life first you finished high school, then passed a driving licence than you made all the way to university. Now you sitting with more desire to life then you ever had before all that. One year, just one year and you did all that???

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