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One Year Gap

By @Ayshatou__


She was vacantly looking at her phone, what her bestfriend sent to her has made her up the creek. She felt restless. How could she inform Daada about it? She knew he wouldn’t accept it easily, there has to be many problems she would face.

Ihsan looked up from her phone, with tumult expression plastered on her face. She looked at her Maama and smiled fleetingly, she knew the best way to shangai Daada is by having Maama’s approval.

“My dear Mama, it’s been long I felt your warmth,” Ihsan said as she rested her head on Maama’s shoulder, they were sitted in the living room.

Maama looked at her and smiled, she knew whenever Ihsan acted all loving towards her; needs something from her Daada. “Ihsan my dear, how are you feeling? Hope there isn’t any pain? I know you don’t become so fond to me, unless you’re sick or needs something from your Daada,” Mama encapsulated woefully. She wasn’t close to her daughter since the start, as they were estranged with Daada when she was few months old, and she left her with him.

Ihsan whined and looked up to Maama “Maama, I thought we’ve talked about that several times? Aren’t we going to get over it? I’ve said it’s okay numerous times. And for needing something from Daada__it’s kind of__true,” Ihsan enunciated, closing her eyes with her palms. She knew what Maama has been thinking of, they had talked about it numerous times, she had forgave her also. Afterall__she gave her the chance to became close to Daada.

“Okay my dear, then tell me what’s the problem, and what you need this time around. I hope it won’t thwart with you health, you knew he wouldn’t agree,” Maama proposed, smiling warmly at her daughter.

“I don’t know how it will sound to you, but Maama please and please, don’t say no, and do all you thinks of; so he could let me go,” Ihsan pleaded, making a pleading gesture with her hands.

Maama cupped her hands in hers “Stop beating around the bush, Ihsan, Just tell me, and I’ll do all my best till he let you,” Maama conjectured, pinching her nose playfully. She loves this side of Ihsan, when so looked everything but innocent, not the pompous and pervese Ihsan.

Ihsan sat upright and affectionately looked at her mother, she loves her mother since birth, she might suppress her feelings towards her, but her love will always be ebbing in her heart. “Maama, please, I want to study In US, Reena is always going there. She just sent me her admission letter,” Ihsan pleaded, making her best puppy face with a pouted lips.

Maama’s eyes bulged out like the saucers, she looked askance at her like she had grown wings. What’s wrong with Ihsan? She doesn’t want her to be away from her for even a day, talkless of months. What about her health?

“Maama, you have been staring at me like one zombie, did I said something wrong?” Ihsan whined, nodging Maama’s shoulder, which brought her back from her hiatus.

Maama held her hands fondly, flashing her an affectionate look. “Ihsan my dear, what made you think of studying abroad? US for that matter? I want you close to me, I want to make up for the times we haven’t been together, feel your warmth, have those beautiful memories a mother have with her child.

What do you think would happen to your health? Reena is different from you, don’t do this to yourself, you won’t take good care of yourself when you’re away from home. Please my dear,” Maama reprimanded, repugnancing the look on Ihsan’s face, she loomed nothing but adamant.

Ihsan yanked her hand from Maama’s hold, and flashed her an alienated look, repugnacingly. “Maama! You’ve always been selfish, you left me behind when I was just five months old, and I had to live with my stepmother. You just came back some months ago, why couldn’t you make this single wish of mine; true? Did I ask for much? Please, Maama,” Ihsan pleaded, as tears started clouding her view. She knew the best way to shangai Maama was by crying, and that made her chuckled inwardly at the petrifying expression on Maama’s face.

Maama hugged her tightly and let her tears fell to, she didn’t want her daughter talking about the past, as her heart was brimful of remorse from leaving her behind. “It’s Okay, Ihsan. We will go and ask him together, wasn’t he your favourite person? He would agree,” Maama conjectured, stroking her hair in a placating way.

Ihsan suddenly looked up with an exultant smile on her lips, she hugged Maama tightly before sprinting off “Thank you soo much, Maama. I love you. I have to call Reena,” she yelled.

Maama; an average woman in her mid thirties, she was moderately beautiful, a typical hausa woman. She has a long, but bushy hair. And her eyebrows were full. Her lips were small but cute; pinkish in colour.

Ihsan; whom was named as Zainab. Was a beautiful lady of 18 years old, she finished her secondary school at Lagoon secondary school, Lagos. She was average in height, and thin in weight. She was fair in complexion, with full eyebrows, a bit rounded eyes; with thick eyelashes, long thin nose, and small cute and luscious lips.


They were sitted in Daada’s living room after they had their dinner, Ihsan was sitting beside Daada, her head on his shoulder.

She beckoned for Maama to start up but she snubbed it and fixed her gaze on the television. “Maamaa!” She whined, pouting her lips.

Daada slowly detached her from his shoulder and gave her a question look. She whined again and fixed her gaze on Maama, whom wasn’t going to give them her attention soon.

“Tell me Ihsan, are you hiding something from me? Are you sick again?” He asked, an alarming tone laced on his voice, as he held her shoulder tightly, practically checking her skinny hands and legs; in an attempt to see any swollen part.

She whined again and emancipated from his hold, pouting her lips in an attempt to cry. “I’m okay, Daada. Maama knows it, she promised to tell you first,” she slurred and burst into feign tears.

Daada and Maama’s attention were fully on her, “What is this, Ihsan? I didn’t promise to tell him, but I will, and you knows it,” Maama glared at her, wiping her tears with a tissue.

“Ihsan, stop crying. Jamila, tell me what’s wrong,” Daada directed his question to Maama.

Maama sat down amd faced him, before she haltingly spoke “Daada, she wants to study in US. She said that Reena has gotten an admission there, and she wants to join the same school with her,” Maama enunciated, flashing him the ‘understand us please’ look.

Daada shrieked, almost loosing his balanace. What has gotten into Ihsan’s head? US? He was thinking of sending her to Kano to his parents house to study in BUK, for he couldn’t risk her health. And he would still visit her often.

“Ihsan, what does that means? Hope you knew the level of your health and Reena’s couldn’t be compared. We can’t risk your life, Ihsan. Stay here please, I’ve started making some preparations of sending you to Kano,” Daada proclaimed, his eyes ablaze with fear and affection.

“Daada, you all are saying my health. Aren’t I a normal person? You’ve always said that I shouldn’t look down on myself because I’m sick, and now you’re making me feel dejected,” Ihsan halfly bellowed, as tears washed down her face. Why couldn’t she live as a normal person? Always been engulfed in warmness and taken care of. When would she live a normal life?

Daada held her hand but she yanked it off and intensely stare at him “Daada, you’ve always said that I’m your princess and the source of your happiness. If I’m your happiness, doesn’t my happiness needed for me to shine up yours? I want to go, Daada, leave me please,” she sobbed harder, as her breath started to seize, of which she suppressed.

“Ihsan, we only want what’s the best for you. Couldn’t you be happy when we’re always around you, it will took all the might in me to even let you study in Kano, I need you by my side, please,” Maama articulated, giving her the ‘consider with me’ look.

“Yes please, Ihsan. We want to be always seeing you, know your health condition. And you being to US wouldn’t make it easier, take heart and study in Nigeria. It’s Kano I’m sending you to, you’ve always wanted to be there huh?” Daada inquired, trying to shangai her.

“Daada, Maama; Did I for once vowed on what I want? You’ve always choosed what to wear for me, what I should eat, where I should go, even the environment I should stay in. Doesn’t that enough for you to grant my only wish?. It’s okay if you don’t want to, I might have been a burden to you. I’m sorry,” with that, she sprinted to her room, locked it and broke into tears, ignoring their knockings.

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