One Life Depeds On One Sip

By @Midnight
One Life Depeds On One Sip

Damian has been locked in his cell for three years. One day he receives a letter and a bottle from the king, saying that if he doesn't drink this with every meal, his only friend from the streets, Avalon, will be punished in front of him. Avalon has always been a kind, sweet, caring girl towards Damian. But it seems like she has been involved in illegal activities while Damian has been in jail. About 1,000 words and the prompt was, "I quickly realized after the sip that it was poison."

Chapter 1

I’ve in this cell for three years. My mother gave me to an orphanage, but no one adopted me, when I turned eighteen I had to survive somehow, so being a criminal was the only way. I’ve committed many crimes, theft most of all. When I was twenty-one, the police caught me, and threw me into the cells, since then I haven’t breathed fresh air, seen the black night, the blue sky, and white clouds. Avalon, my only friend, on the streets. The last time I saw her was three days before my capture. She was always a caring, sweet girl towards me, a criminal, while she had a perfect life, a loving family, a home, and food to supply her. Everytime we would meet, she would would bring leftover food from previous dinners and a few cold bottles of water. We would talk until late, and watch the starry night together.

“Here, your dinner, eat it or not, I don’t care, you won’t be getting your breakfast tomorrow,” a guard speaks coldly throwing my food on the floor, causing it to scatter along the ground, never glancing into my dimmed blue eyes, that once sparkled. Not say anything, I scatter along the floor gathering my food and notice a bottle with a note attached. The guard stares and starts to laughs at me, as if I’m providing him entertainment.

“Do you have a light?” my voice sounds hoarse and point to the note. Not answering my question, he just looks at me with a blank stare, and walks away. Thinking that he doesn’t care, I try to read the letter in the dark lighting, about to give up, the guard comes back with a torch so that I can read the letter,

Prisoner Seventeen,

Avalon Arteaga, we have her in our custody. We know you know her very well. She was involved in illegal activities, she will be punished for every meal you don’t drink this with. If you don’t drink what I have provided for you, your friend will be severely hurt and might end up dead in the process, if that happens, then we’ll do the same thing to your mother, if she dies, too, we’ll punish Miss. Arteaga’s whole family. This punishment will be performed in front of your cell every time you have denied to drink. If you do drink this with every meal, your friend will be on her way to freedom and her record erased clean.

Yours Royalty,

King Alexander Atwood III of Axlemon

Why Avalon? What happened to the kind, sweet, caring girl I once knew? Or was your kindness an act? Were the stories you told me all lies? I have so many questions swimming in my head, so many questions I want to ask. Crawling into a dark corner of the cell, with my food, the threatening letter, and the bottle, the guard glances at me for a second, with a look of pity on his face, before disappearing into the dark walkway of the prison cells. As he leaves, I start to cry, not eating my food, every so often I glance at the words on the paper and the bottle. Not thinking what His Majesty wrote was real, I don’t drink from the container.

Hours have passed since I received the message from the king, and he hasn’t come and spoken with me. Seems like I was right, but right then I hear footsteps coming down the walkway, coming closer and closer to my cell. The person who owns the footsteps stops in front of me, with men following behind him, he gives me a devil’s grin, “Prisoner Seventeen, I hope you’re enjoying your stay here,” the man speaks to me with an evil look on his face. Staring at him, I realize that he is the King of Axlemon, the one who will hurt my friend. “I know you read my message I sent to you, a little birdie told me. I only came here to ask you a question, shall you answer it truthfully, that’s up to you. Have you consumed any of the drink I gave you?” the king asks and leans in. Looking at the floor, I shake my head. I can tell the king is disappointed with my answer, I hear him sigh, and stand back up, “son bring the brat and the whip to the front,” his son nods.

Whip? My eyes grow huge, with tears escaping.

“Good job, Son,” the king chuckles, I look up. I make the figure’s out, I can see a girl in shackles, knowing she is Avalon, and a whip dangling from the prince’s hand. “Let’s start. Your friend will be receiving ten sets of lashings, three lashes in each set. Son if you’ll do the honors.” I sit there, helpless, wanting to help Avalon after each lash, but can’t. After what seems like forever the lashes stop. “Throw the brat in with him,” the kings speaks coldly while he walks away.

Throwing Avalon in, they leave. I scoot over to her, “I’m so sorry,” I mumble to her.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault,” she softly speaks, waterworks running down her face, I look her into her eyes, seeing love, sorrow, happiness, and sadness. I lean in and kiss her. Not expecting her to reply back, I start to pull away, but she replies back with her own kiss.

Pulling away, “I’m so sorry. You have to live,” I say to her and open up the jar, drinking it until it’s halfway empty, I then quickly realize that it was poison, I drank. Dropping to the floor, Avalon screams and runs over to my side. In my last minutes, I see her pick up the bottle and drink the rest. I guess it’s the end for the both of us. I’m so sorry, Avalon, for putting you through this. You didn’t deserve this ending. I love you, Avalon. My eyes feel heavy, closing them, I die.

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