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One Last Time

By @Property_Imagine

Chapter 1

Elenoris Shires

   Elenoris never understood how one could take another’s life for the only purpose of sport. Often, she pondered on that question, how one could murder another. After having lost such a loving and wonderful husband along with her newborn son, she spent her days leading in despair and depression, so deep that she could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel.

   She was never one to pick a fight, and didn’t seek out trouble for her pack, The Silver Eclipse. It would’ve been hypocritical since she so often preached about the importance of life, and peace. They were lovers, not fighters. They aided others and allied with struggling packs, and because of this; they flourished and remained the top dogs in all of Andrious. If it weren’t for the profound love she felt for her pack, she would’ve ended her life long ago and died alongside her husband and son, but sadly; she did not have the luxuries of death.

   “Elenoris!” She heard her young friend call to her from outside the oak door of the rather spacey, monochromatic lodge she spent her days living in. She could just about hear the voices and the sounds of a busy home that were all but lost to her through the corridors of the empty hallways and rooms, and those echoes left her with a myriad of emotions all too agonizing for her to put a name to.

   She rolled over in her large, empty bed, curling into the thin sheets she’d pulled over herself. She felt as if now she could enjoy the cold, it was the only thing that had stayed constant in her life, and how could she not want to rely on continuity, even if that meant uncomfortably shifting in her chambers. She watched the spot next to her, remembering the dip in the mattress when her love would lay beside her—kiss her.

   Tears soaked the white, flat pillow underneath her as she could feel an ache pulse throughout her body, an emotional pain so lethal she was sure if she tried to stand on her two bare feet; she may just fall over dead in exhaustion. She no longer felt love, or kindness. Ever since her husband’s death she had just been an unrepairable mess, but she refused to let go of his death and that is what held her back from her own resolution and self forgiveness. She loved him so much, and it was because of that reason that she would not move on, in his memory she would forever keep him in her heart; no matter the pain nor the dismal memories that clouded her mental state.

   And so she wept in that king bed that housed only a single, lonely woman who was full of memories of a family she once knew, she once loved and cherished as though she had always had them to keep her warm and safe and protected. She could not remember how she managed without her other half for the entirety of her childhood, because she no longer knew how to live by herself.

   She was simply surviving on the physical essentials, unbothered by her dark thoughts because there was still one thing that tied her to this world, and that was her duties, debt, and dignity. She could never leave behind the pack that her and her husband had created together. Perhaps, it was the only thing he had left for her, and thus it was her responsibly to lead it into victory.

   She curled into the sheets of the voided bed that had lost it’s feeling of comfort and softness, the springs poking her back. It felt as though she were sleeping on a hard, rocky surface that was frozen over more than ice and winter itself.

   She wanted so desperately to see her husband once more, to touch her child’s face, and to be with her little family once again, but of course, that was not a possibility. No matter how many shooting stars and full moons she wished upon, she would never see him again. She would never see her son again. And she would never love anyone as much as she loved the two of them. That was the harsh and bitter reality she had to wake up to every morning, and no amount of magic or hope would ever change that. There was no love near as strong and as beautiful as the one she felt for her husband and son, and it was that reason that she held such a profound hatred for the man who took their lives.

   The Silver Bullet.

   For many, his name struck devastation and terror, but for her, every time she heard it she only despised him that little bit more than the last time. He took an innocent families’ life, and for that he needed to pay the price.

   The price of her teeth clenching down on his throat and ripping it out like a dog toy. She wanted to taste his blood in between her canines. She wanted to kill him.

   He was the most despicable being alive.

   He may have been hunting her pack, but she was hunting him. She could die in peace after he was dead, ridded from the cruel reality of his existence. Nothing would make her more exuberant than watching his lifeless corpse fall at her feet.

   She finally forced herself out of the bed that she had laid in moments ago, sluggishly maneuvering her way into the quiet bathroom. Her sleepy doe-like eyes squinted when she turned on the light, the brightness blinding her momentarily. She was certainly not a morning person.

   “Elenoris you come out here now! A man wants to speak to you.” That was most-definitely her good friend Lena speaking, and of course it was about another wolf that just so happened to be of the opposite gender. The two had been friends since childhood, and so the Alpha suspected that she would constantly be trying to set her up with a new mate. She was “in the process of looking for an Alpha male”, or in other words, stalling the process of remarrying. Elenoris appreciated the thought, but she was in no state to find love again, though perhaps as a ruler, that was quite immature of her. I mean, after all, love does not exist in this world of hers.

   She looked at herself in the mirror, hating every inch of what she saw glimmering back at her. Tan skin, brown, boring eyes, caramel hair, and the tons of freckles and moles that covered more than just her face. Her body was small, portraying a sense of weakness, and there stood a possibility for her to use this to her advantage and catch enemies off guard with her unpredictable strength, but she wasn’t much of a fighter.

   She didn’t have a second thought, or any thoughts for that matter, and the next second her hand was covered in blood, shards of glass falling from the mirror. She looked into the mirror once again, happy to see that her reflection was now distorted and she no longer had to face it. It was still the hardest thing she had to do every morning.

   She got ready for the day ahead of her before she headed out.

   “What took you so long?” Lena spoke to Elenoris who, of course, had dozed off into her own world quite some time ago. Fredrick, the man Lena had spoken of earlier, had gone inside his home to fetch Elenoris a bandage for her bloody knuckles, though she had insisted it was unnecessary.

   She would admit that this man had incredible looks, and a fine personality, but there was a reason she did not want him around. She knew he was the knight in shining armor type, and she sure as hell did not want him to be looking out for her when she was very insistent on doing that herself. For the Alpha did not know nor understand that her life was not even close to safe in her own hands. For she would grow to resent herself more everyday, and her untrusting nature of her own capabilities would inevitably break her down so that she may do the unthinkable.

   “Elenoris!” Lena snapped, trying to catch the girl out of her daze, and the Alpha startled awake again. She gave Lena a look of pity and sorrow, smiling sheepishly. “I’m sorry Lena, I’m so out of it today.” Neither spoke for a brief period of time, the silence prolonging for a short moment while Lena debated on what she should say. She knew the reasons of her friend’s exhaustion, and she felt nothing but the greatest of remorse for her, longing to see her friend smile once again and blink out of her mindless gaze.

   “Do you miss him?”

   Elenoris did not attempt to respond. She was unsure of whether or not it was worth the effort. Should she waste her breath explaining why another sleepless night had occurred, or save herself the labor and heart throb? She closed her eyes and pondered before she finally exhaled, and reopened them. “Everyday,” were all the words her soul could bare to spare, and Lena understood then that this was not open for discussion. Lena felt a sense of guilt wanting to change the subject, but truthfully, what she really wanted was for her friend to be happy again.

   “Hey, guess what?” She finally said, reaching for a hint of good news to tell her hopeless, numb leader. Elenoris looked to Lena, signaling for her to continue with a head nod. “There’s going to be snow sometime today. The first snow of this winter. Isn’t that just wonderful?

   What Elenoris wanted to say was, “No, it snows every winter. This one will be no different, except for the fact that I have nobody to spend it with.” But she took one long look at her friends face, and she put a muzzle on it, nodding.

The Silver Bullet

   Sike Whitewood laid sprawled across his overly large queen bed, sleeping at four o’clock in the afternoon, which his sweet Nan had gotten onto him numerous times for before. Sitting up with a monstrous migraine; he grabbed his head in pain and winced, sucking air through his pearly white teeth that so many had complimented him on, though he swore it was in fear.

   He combed his disheveled, jet black hair out of his handsome face with his large hand, his steamy gray eyes fixating upon the large, empty bottle of liquor that laid on his bedside table. “There you are gorgeous.” He croaked, picking up the shining glass container. He chucked it into the trash, throwing his hands up in the air when it landed perfectly, in a victorious manner.

   “Ain’t that somethin’?” He heard an elderly voice say from across the room, and he turned to an older woman with a spirit much younger than that of his own. “Hungover again, I’m guessin’?” His Nan said with a knowing smile, bringing in the tray of breakfast food she had made for her grandson.

   He took it off of the plate, bashfully turning away knowing he could not lie to her. “Sorry Nan.” He spoke, as if he were a small puppy being scolded by it’s owner. The woman chuckled and shook her head, turning to leave. He could hear her mumble something when she left, but couldn’t make out what it was she had said.

   “Don’t turn out like your father.” Nan had whispered to herself as she left her grandson to eat his breakfast, seeing the dozens of daggers and far too dangerous killing machines scattered about his room carelessly. Her sad blue eyes watched the floor as she shut his door.

   Sike bit down into his delicious bacon, looking around his room with dark, cold eyes. It was a beautiful day to hunt down that ****** pack:

   The Silver Eclipse.

   What was he to do now that he had killed the Alpha? He had regretted not forcing him to lead him to the pack’s base, but alas his excitement had overcome him and he took the wolf and his pup’s life. Shame it was, honestly.

   He looked at the large map pinned against the board with clenched teeth, red lines and markers covering the surface of it. He slammed his fist against it, feeling the vibrations of it shoot back through his knuckles, which was an almost satisfying pain.

****************** He cursed to himself, he felt like he’d checked every nook and cranny of the land in which the pack’s Alpha had been killed on sight. His whole life he had been hunting this pack and he felt no closer to eradicating it; twenty nine years was a long time to have not made any progress on wiping them off the face of Andrious.

   He looked to his father’s silver gun that was hung up on the wall in a case, admiring the duty and the memories in which it possessed. He walked over to the large, glass casing and opened it with a satisfying click, removing the gun from the wall and loading it with a single silver bullet.

   He was going to find that ****** pack—if it killed him.

   He reached down on his floor and picked up a random black shirt, slipping it on and then picking up his large, brown, leather jacket and buttoned it up. He grabbed a pair of gray sweatpants and slipped them on over his boxers and slid on a pair of brown combat boots.

   Finally, he grabbed a few extra silver bullets and slipped them into his pocket that was made to carry ammunition, and his gun into the weapon compartment. He grabbed a beanie and gloves on his way out so that he could keep his ears and hands nice and warm.

   He stepped out into the first snow of winter, the dark, blue glow of the night illuminating the white blanket that stretched across the landscape. The icy snow covered past his knees as he treaded through it. The flurries stuck to his long, natural, brown eyelashes that were beginning to be covered in a thin sheet of frost.

   So glacial, the weather was, that Sike could barely see in front of him as the wind was strong and dried out his eyes. The further south he went though, he knew the warmer it would get, and so he went south.

Elenoris Shires

   Elenoris sat at the edge of her bed, rocking back and forth. The night finally arrived and she was expected to yet again, sleep away her sorrows of the past that haunted her no matter what time of day or night it was. She looked down at her neatly bandaged hand and smiled, thinking of how sweet Fredrick had gone to get one the second he had noticed her hand. She was flattered that such a gentleman exists in this day and age, but if she were to be completely honest with herself, blunt if you will, she did not care.

   For it was, you see, pointless information to someone who could not love.

   She reached over to the lamp beside her and turned it off by pulling the small, metal beaded string that hung from it. She guided the thin sheet over her silk gown that clothed her body, and shut her eyes. She hoped that by some miracle, she would dream of her lost family, but of course; she did not.

The Silver Bullet

   Sike, unprepared for what he had just happened to have stumble upon, tripped over a stone and landed in the cushions of icing that buried his feet, and now his butt as well. He had lost his way back home after a blizzard had started to stir, and looking for shelter, he had come across this rather large structure. Before his slim, gray eyes was a large stone brick wall with a gate to keep outsiders out. He stared up at that gate, and on the very top of it was a symbol that he knew all too well.

   It was the symbol of The Silver Eclipse.

   The discovery, much too great to leave behind, had left Sike helplessly speechless and baffled. The two guard dogs were too busy chasing their tails to notice Sike standing there, but he was quick to get out of their view anyways. He stuck his hand inside the pocket of the jacket, wishing he had brought more silver bullets with him so he could kill all of the wolves, but of course, now he would have to use them sparingly.

   He crouched down at the snow and observed the tall, stone wall that was sinking down into it and begun to dig until his gloves were covered in damp mud, feeling victorious when he saw that the wall did not extend below the ground due to the glimmer of light that shone underneath it. He packed the snow back and walked around the outside of it. He decided it would not be ideal to burrow his way underneath it when there were guards a few feet away from him, and he only had to walk half the distance since the gate at the front was in the center of the wall, so he decided to make the trip.

   It had been about an hour when he finally arrived at his golden digging spot, but unfortunately for him he was starting to get frostbite underneath all of his winter clothes in the harsh and snowy blizzard. Stiff, concentrated blood had frozen inside of his nose, forcing him to breathe out of his mouth which was beginning to frost over as well, his throat drying out. His chapped lips flaked and bled, and he had a bad habit of licking them. Winters in Andrious were similar to a Russian winter, so the likelihood of him going home to his sweet Nan was incredibly low, because by the time he burrowed underneath the wall he’d probably freeze to death. Still, persistent as ever, he began to dig like his life depended on it, and well, it did.

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