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One in Misery

By @LeChevalierRoland

The Devil Calls

Dropping into the abyss / Hold onto the desire to

Rouge spills like petals / Catch his hand

Cascading through soft light / Pull him back

Am I afraid? / Beg forgiveness, but I can’t

I’ve come to terms by no means / I must be sure in choice

I will never accept / Show I have the means

His decision to ignore / In which to live in a world without

His needs so obvious / I find I am no king

The man that I adored / The man that I adored

Now hate / Now spurn

Now love and don’t know / Never loved or perhaps I just

How I feel / Couldn’t admit

As Death knocks at the door / Will now torment my every waking minute

Devil take me / In a drug-induced haze

Kiss my lips and suck out my soul / If only to see him

These aren’t the lips I desire / Hear that shrill voice once more

We are one in misery

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