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One Forehead Kiss Away

By @YellowMeadow

I’m one forehead kiss from falling in love with you,

and I wonder if you can feel it too.

There’s a sense of suspense I feel in my chest,

a lightness carried in my head,

and despite my very best

I am bursting with warmth when I am with you.

How soft are your hands to hold?

The mere thought feels so bold,

and yet you’re here, so near, so dear,

and my breath is suspended in the air.

Your voice is one I so wish to hear-

for once, my skin doesn’t feel so blue and cold.

Paint your words of me on my skin

so I can stroke over where your brush has been.

Rosen cheeks feel so normal with you,

I don’t mind where the heat burns and blooms,

and somehow, with you, I know just what to do:

I find myself fearless in the presence I’m in.

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