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Old Warehouse

By @tesshaiku

Athena Vetter stumbled up the front steps of her house as she messed through her backpack for her house keys. She found then in the very last pocket she rummaged through. “There they are!” she said aloud, hoping that there was no one around to hear her talk embarrassingly to herself. She shoved her key in the lock as she tripped over her lazily tied shoelaces. 

Athena open the door and called out “Mom!! I’m home!!” No one responded to her calling. She dumped her open backpack onto a dining room chair that was not pushed in from that morning and walked into her mother’s room. No one was in sight. Athena felt and eerie presence coming from behind her parents closed bathroom door. Athena cautiously opened the door and peeked around it. 

There was her mother, lying there. Her lifeless, breathless, dead corpse on the cold bathroom floor. Athena felt her heart skip a beat as her iPhone ́s ringtone scared the crud out of her. She answered the unknown number thinking it was a friend. She had made a mistake.

An eerie voice echoed through the dark bathroom, ̈Athena. I know who you are, and where you live. Your mother is dead on the bathroom floor, and I just killed your father.̈ Athena pressed the hang up button, yet the voice continued ̈Soon I will have to kill you. You know too much.¨ Athena pressed the hang up button until the voice stopped echoing through the bathroom. 

Athena started to run to the front door, but as she got to the living room, a dark hooded figure grabbed the back of her pastel blue shirt. He pulled her into Athena’s brother’s room. She managed to rip off his hood and recognize him. Her brother.

̈ ̈Dante? What are you even doing right now anyway?¨

¨I´ve done something I shouldn’t. You know too much. I killed Mom and Dad. I must kill you too.¨ Dante said, barely trying to be audible.

Athena tried to protest but as he was telling her, she didn’t realize that he had tied her up. He suddenly put a cloth bag over her head. Athena felt him pick her up and put her in the trunk of a car and carefully close it. He opened the trunk about an hour later and violently took the bag off her head and she gasped for breath. They were at an old warehouse that Athena knew from before. It was the old Walmart from ten years ago when she moved years ago. They started tearing it down when Athena was five. She distinctly remembers. 

Just then she wrapped her head around the whole situation, her brother was kidnapping her. He took Athena into the warehouse. There was a boy in the corner, earphones in. He didn’t notice Athena first things first, but after her brother pulled out a pocket knife, he looked up from his phone screen and noticed her. The blade came down on Athena ́s shoulder. She tried to let out a scream, but the pain was too unbearable to scream. The boy didn’t notice in time, Athena should be dead. As soon as Dante realized that the boy was coming towards them, he had dropped Athena and ran. The boy, Soren Hendrix, ran over and tried to help Athena. He picked her up while multitasking and calling 911 at the same time. Soren ran to his car, around the corner from the warehouse, with his phone tucked under one ear.

He was talking on the phone for ten minutes telling the police to interrogate the girl after she comes out of the hospital. Athena could hear a little bit of what Soren was saying.

̈Thank you. So much.¨ Athena whispered in a raspy voice from the front seat, putting pressure on her shoulder.

̈Not a problem You´ll be okay. I’m Soren.¨

¨I ́m Athena.¨ she said still raspy.

¨I’m taking you to the hospital. Okay?¨

¨Perfect.¨ Athena closed her eyes and Soren pushed on the gas pedal harder.

They arrived in the parking lot to the hospital for about five minutes. They hurried up to the front door and in to the front desk. The lady had already been notified by the police that I was coming. She pointed her finger down an empty hallway. 

̈ ̈First door on the left.¨ the lady at the front desk said not really looking up from her monitor screen. Athena tried to rush to the hospital room, but again, ended up tripping over her still lazily tied shoelaces. There wasn’t quite as much blood as there was in Soren ́s car. The doctor, Dr. Jenni Gonzalezz PhD, told Athena she should be fine, unless there happens to be an infection in the wound. Dr. Gonzalezz inspected the cut.

̈ ̈Well it’s not that deep. And it’s definitely not infected. So that’s good. I’m just going to bandage you up and send you on your way back home with some painkillers and medications to take while you ́re still healing.¨

¨Ok.¨ Athena and Soren said at the same time.

̈ ̈By the way, Athena where do you live and who did this to you?¨ Dr. Gonzalezz asked her.

̈Ummm. My brother, Dante Vetter did this to me and my parents, except he actually killed my parents. I live in Elko, Nevada.¨ Athena said in an extremely quiet voice.

¨Ok. Honey I’m going to call the police to tell them where and who you are and who did this to you. Ok?¨

̈Thank you so much.¨ Athena gave her a small hug.

¨You are very welcome. This shouldn’t have happened to you .Come back anytime.¨ Dr. Gonzalezz called after them as Athena and Soren exited the room. They left the building. 

̈ ̈Where are you going to college this August?̈ Soren asked, hoping Athena would be going to the same school as him. 

¨I got accepted to the college here.¨

¨Me too!¨


They walked off happily into the sunset, Soren ́s arm around Athena ́s shoulders, him trying not to put too much pressure onto her shoulder.


The police violently grabbed Dante ́s arm and shoved him into the squad car. He was taken to jail, but not before he went to the funeral of his parents, to learn a lesson.

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