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Of Horsemen and Happiness

By @VaticanCameos


Everyone on our planet knows about the Horsemen. Galaxy’s best killers, if you pay them well enough that is. I figured I was a complete idiot for seeking them out. To be completely honest, it was starting to look like a full on death wish. Okay truth be told it was a terrible idea to search for the four greatest hitmen in the galaxy with only a handful of change. I was desperate, don’t judge.

I had checked all the back alleys and stopped in a bunch of shady places trying to find them, but found nothing.




Just my luck. Knowing their reputation they were probably laughing at me from the shadows or some other demented thing like that. “I don’t need Death peering over my shoulder waiting for me to drop dead,” I muttered to no one in particular. “Well lucky for you Death ain’t here.” I jumped about a foot, a reaction that was greeted with absurd laughing.

“The name’s Pestilence, pleased to meetcha kid.”

“Pestilence? As in one of the Horsemen?”

“You betcha!” She said winking, her green eyes seemed to be filled with mischief. This girl looked exactly like Liv had described, it was almost unsettling. Liv was the whole reason I had started looking for the Horsemen in the first place. Next to nobody had ever seen the Horsemen, but Liv swore time and time again that she’d seen one of them. Sometimes I can still imagine what it sounded like when she’d tell the story. “I’m tellin’ you Conni, she came right on up to me. An’ introduced herself, all ladylike too, well until she started flirting.” And each and every time I’d scoff and say she had to be making it up, nobody had ever seen them, so she couldn’t have. ‘Course Liv would laugh, and assure me she wasn’t lying.

Now, the girl Liv had described was sitting right in front of me. Curly red hair and all. “I want to hire you…you and the others.” The girl, Pestilence, grinned. “I knew that silly, that’s why War sent me after you.” I gulped, my hands had started shaking. Everyone knew War, a supposedly unbeatable fighter, whose name made even the bravest of warriors pee themselves.

“W-war?” I asked, mentally demanding my pulse to calm down. Pestilence nodded, “Told me to figure out what you wanted. It was kinda fun watching you try and find us, frankly you got awfully close.” I blinked, “You followed me, and let me make a fool of myself?” Another nod, and a light punch on the shoulder. “Come on Clueless, we’ve a dangerous soldier to find!”

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