Odd timing

By @cameronleaferreira

Odd timing

By @cameronleaferreira

My story is about two people who would have not thought if falling in love do.

Chapter 1

I am at the beach in a warm ,sunny day with a bit of wind , I am running around the beach with my little brother ,But my phone rings, It was a text message from mom telling us we need to be home soon I turn around to grab my brother to head back home and he’s gone. I looked up and down the beach but no site of him finally I see a hole that some kid dug out in the sand and went over to it to check it out and sure enough mean was in the hole sleeping like a baby, I yelled , get up man then he popped up. On our way back to the car I saw a boy with light brown hair and caramel skin with bright blue eyes . I heard his mom call out lucas . And realized that he was the boy that would always get picked on in high school for being short , but he’s not short anymore, we used to be friends until junior year because that is when I started hanging out with the popular kids that picked on him .

Lucas yelled hey ashley I smirked as I replied hi lucas , Lucas started appoching me and I wondered if he remembers the kids I hung out with picked on him. When Lucas appoced me he had a big grin and looked happy to see me . Lucas acnondeged how it was kinda awkward and replied I am going to the beach again tomorrow by myself want to meet me here. Before I even had the chance to reply , he answered “ ok see you tomorrow at 3:00pm on the dot be here “ and left with a great grin, oh my god does he know I like him,how did he know I was going to say yes or did he just not care and was not going to take no for an answer, oh well I have to stop complaining.

The next day, I couldn’t sleep the night before I was way too excited for me and lucas to be hanging out and alone . As I got up I didn’t feel good I felt really tired and quietly announced to myself on my I better get some coffee , As I walked in the kitchen i realized i only had 2 hours till I had to be at the beach with lucas and it was a sunny hot day so I knew he was going to wear a swimsuit so that means I have to shave my legs,all girls dredd shaving . I took a shower did my make up got dressed and ate .Now it is time to go, By the time I got to the beach I realized I had forgot my towel, I can’t believe I forgot my towel and I can’t go back now because he’s gonna be here soon on dear this is going to be a long day. Soon after lucas showed up with two surfboards and 2 swimming suites . As he approached me he said “ ready to get wet and cold and learn to surf” Little did lucas know I am really good at suring so I will just act dumb. We headed towards the waves and I caught myself going into position to surf and had to stop myself so that he thinks he’s teasing me. We eventually got onto the waves and started surfing but because I was pretending I was a beginner so I had to fall every once in awhile. Once he left to go to the bathroom I actually started to do tricks because I was getting tired of not doing anything as soon as I jumped on a wave he walked out and saw me do a switch stance and looked so confused. He loudly announced “how did u learn to do that” as soon as Lucas said that my face turned bright red. I replied I have been surfing since I was little ”you could have just told me you knew how to surf “ I replied but it is fun for you to teach me thing” lucas replied “ yah but it is also fun for us both to be racing against each other “ I agreed, so all the rest of the day we were racing and comparing tricks. At the end of the day he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.Was this our first date? I asked lucas when I would see him again and he silently announced “you can see me everyday because I like you ashley and how was this as a date “ I replied “ I enjoyed it alot let’s make everyday this fun “ and he agreed.

For months we went out on adventures for dates and now we have been dating for two years now and I couldn’t be happier . Lucas announced “ we are going to disneyland” he knew that i love roller coasters and disney characters , Because I always said “ I wished I was a princess in the disney world. But honestly I think listening to his music in the car out weighed the cost of going to disneyland . But I put up with it and went anyway. As we got there we got our hotel room and went on rides . After that we went towards the cinderella castle because every night at disney world there are fireworks at the stroke of twelve . We were walking towards some benches that I thought we were going to sit at to watch the fireworks but instead we walked right past the bench and walked right into the castle and went to cinderella’s room in the castle and got on one knee and said” you are a princess would you do me the honor and let me make you my queen ?” I started to cry as I loudly announced “ of course .

So know I have been married to lucas for three years we are both twenty seven now and have jobs and a house . We decided to have one child which happens to turn into twin boys , and lived happily ever after.

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