By @poetrylover22


By @poetrylover22

it is a poem about what pumpkins look like and what they feel like

Chapter 1

OCTOBER comes and starts the test

as pumpkins head to the patch to rest

From pumpkin seeds, they grow and grow

until the farmer says it’s time to go

With a snip and a cut from the big long vine

with each one hoping someone will soon call them mine

Some travel so far and some stay near

with hopes that children they’ll soon hear

Some they’ll call small

and some they’ll call fat

some they’ll call gourds

But don’t ask me about that

Some will be smooth

Some will be bumpy

Some will have warts

And some will be lumpy

Little ones are perfect for kids and games

Medium ones for carving and bring some

much fame

Large ones are full of slimy guts and seeds, oh my

But give them to mom and she makes a killer pie

When fall is over

The pumpkins will die

But fret or worry

Come next OCTOBER they’ll soon be

alive .

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