Oasis in the Desert

By @Gauravsk98
Oasis in the Desert

Hi Friends, Oasis In The Desert : Story Of An Engineer is a collection of stories written by me as a memoir to my college life. All stories are real with some blended fiction. It is a gift from me to all my college friends. Happy Reading!

Chapter 1

When I Met Her

It had been a month to me since I was in Haridwar. The month was September and air was still warm. Just few kilometers away from my hostel I was walking alone to the Sinhdwar Market. I could take Harimohan with me. My roommate. But he was enjoying his evening sleep. So I thought it better not to disturb him. There were two other boys in my room also. But most of the time, they used to remain out of the room. One was quite simple and good – Harsha and other was little chivalrous but passionate – Rahul. Both guys were from Andhra. Just one month ago, I was perplexed how I would deal with them? You know, Elle Elle. But they knew Hindi. And now I can say that South Indians are more civilized persons than North Indians. I have lived one month with them.

Hi, I am Gaurav and I am doing my Computer Science Engineering from Gurukul in Haridwar. Ah! You read it.

Yes Gurukul. I realized it when I reached here that it is only-for-boys college. But I was accustomed to it. In 9th and 10th standards, we had only 11 students in our class. And all boys. For 11th and 12th, I went to a Boys Sen. Sec. School. So I was habitual. But it was the biggest problem for my other friends who had come away here from whole over India. Their expressions were like,’ no girls. *****!’ But I never understood, why ‘no girls= *****’.

For a simple and sober person, even one girl is enough to hold his hand throughout his life. Ek naari sada brahmchari. Means committed to just one, for others we are celibate. But they were aghast. There was not even a trace of it – the feminine. From our professors to the security guards to the housekeeping staff. All were male. Even grasses on the ground were masculine. So we followed Darwin’s theory; Survival of the fittest.

‘If you have to survive, you must adjust with all the adverse nature and changed environment.’

Hopefully we survived.

The other thing was that, most of the students here were those:

  1. Who were Repeaters, and,
  2. Who had nearly cleared for NITs but missed the chance due to few board marks.

They took whole year to overcome this grief.

When two faces met in mess wearing same jacket; discussions were like:

Oye tu bhi Resonance

‘Haa bhai. Tu bhi

‘Which Batch?’


But I was not from any coaching. So it was a relief. But I was a repeater.

There is no relief in the life of an engineer.

I crossed the road to a stationary shop and purchased my stuff. Dusk was beginning to fall down. I took my essentials and left the shop.

This Is The Life Of An Engineer

I said to myself. No affairs. No interests. Only #include and Gamma-Beta functions.

Lectures. Lectures. Lectures.


‘I am so sorry,’ I said sheepishly as I collided with a passer by girl.

‘Sorry,’ She said in her melodious tone and looked at me directly. I felt big sorry for her as she was carrying a lot of books with her and I had nearly fallen on her. This is what I am. Always thinking various stuff whether important or unimportant. College, friends, books, syllabus, career, what else? My thinking capability boldly fails Theory of Relativity as speed of my mind is more than the speed of light. I reached the main highway road, thinking something; I don’t remember what. I passed from Dayanand Football ground and it took me few more minutes to realize:

She was beautiful.

To be continued…

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