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Gone to Nowhere (NOT THIS ONE)

By @JulianAngelica


I’m Joule. I’m a FPS player, and I love FPS game so much. Anyway, FPS stands for First Person Shooter game, means the player will be a soldier who will defeat enemies and monsters with range weapons. Anyway, I shut myself in my room everyday. I stopped going to school for 4 months because I’m always getting bullied every time I went to school, until now. It’s okay, my parents were already gone and I live by myself. Don’t worry, I make my own money from many games like selling the rare items, equipments, and potions. I’m really okay with this kind of life, and I really enjoy playing games everyday.

Until one day, I met someone through a game named “Soul Heaven”. At that time, I’m going to a party with someone with a nickname, Tiare, and that I’ve never known that person before. That person’s main character is a girl. Still, I don’t know the real person itself whether that person is a real girl or boy who plays girl’s character. Every time I played a dungeon with Tiare, Tiare always gave attention and care to me. Sometimes we were chatting together and sharing our life stories. From that time, I thought I might be in love with Tiare, moreover when Tiare told me that Tiare is a girl, real girl in real life. Since that time, I always say her name before I slept.

Soon, something strange happens.

When I woke up, I’m in a grass field, but I don’t know exactly where it is. After that, someone’s calling me from a giant tree. It’s a girl, and when I come closer to her, I realize that she is Tiare. I really know the character design of Tiare, and I start to talk to her, “How we can meet in this such place?”. She suddenly cries, and says nothing. Then, she starts to write something on a note, and she writes, “Sorry, my mouth is disabled to speak. But I’m still happy to meet you”. I answer, “That’s not a problem. I still love you and I’m very happy to meet you here.”

At the end, Tiare told me that we were actually absorbed into a dark hole which is the game world when we slept. We make a promise that we will find out what happened soon. But it’s not a matter for us because we can finally meet and live happily in this world.

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