Gone to Nowhere (NOT THIS ONE)

By @JulianAngelica
Gone to Nowhere (NOT THIS ONE)

Joule is a lonely boy who liked playing game. He stopped going to school of being bullied by the people. Someday, Joule and Tiare were absorbed into "Soul Heaven". They met and fell in love each other. At the end, they live happily in that world.

Chapter 1


I’m Joule. I’m a FPS player, and I love FPS game so much. Anyway, FPS stands for First Person Shooter game, means the player will be a soldier who will defeat enemies and monsters with range weapons. Anyway, I shut myself in my room everyday. I stopped going to school for 4 months because I’m always getting bullied every time I went to school, until now. It’s okay, my parents were already gone and I live by myself. Don’t worry, I make my own money from many games like selling the rare items, equipments, and potions. I’m really okay with this kind of life, and I really enjoy playing games everyday.

Until one day, I met someone through a game named “Soul Heaven”. At that time, I’m going to a party with someone with a nickname, Tiare, and that I’ve never known that person before. That person’s main character is a girl. Still, I don’t know the real person itself whether that person is a real girl or boy who plays girl’s character. Every time I played a dungeon with Tiare, Tiare always gave attention and care to me. Sometimes we were chatting together and sharing our life stories. From that time, I thought I might be in love with Tiare, moreover when Tiare told me that Tiare is a girl, real girl in real life. Since that time, I always say her name before I slept.

Soon, something strange happens.

When I woke up, I’m in a grass field, but I don’t know exactly where it is. After that, someone’s calling me from a giant tree. It’s a girl, and when I come closer to her, I realize that she is Tiare. I really know the character design of Tiare, and I start to talk to her, “How we can meet in this such place?”. She suddenly cries, and says nothing. Then, she starts to write something on a note, and she writes, “Sorry, my mouth is disabled to speak. But I’m still happy to meet you”. I answer, “That’s not a problem. I still love you and I’m very happy to meet you here.”

At the end, Tiare told me that we were actually absorbed into a dark hole which is the game world when we slept. We make a promise that we will find out what happened soon. But it’s not a matter for us because we can finally meet and live happily in this world.

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