Not Your Typical Hide and Seek Game

By @SilverWolf

Not Your Typical Hide and Seek Game

By @SilverWolf

When Licht decided to go with his friends to a trip which promised them a fun time he never imagined that such trip could cause his life to take a 360 degrees turn. When his friends starts disappearing he realizes they were in danger, but it was too late for them to go back.

Chapter 1

There's never what IF's

Chapter 1

There’s never what IF’s

Life is precious that’s why we should always take care of ourselves and live our life to the best of our ability or at least that is what everybody always says. However, my life got turn 360° when I decided to go to a trip with my friends, if I knew this was how our life was going to end I would have done everything possible to avoid coming here, but life is unfair like that and there’s never an “if”. I should introduce myself and explain how I ended up in such a mess, that way whoever reads this might not end up the same way. My name is Licht, I’m an average college student, I have few friends, average grades, and a normal life. My life has always been boring with nothing exciting happening that was until me and my friends decided to do a sleepover to celebrate my birthday. It was a cloudy night on September the 10th, my best friend Leonard, but he prefers to be called Leo. He has been my friend since high school and Leo is a person I can always depend on, he’s a cheerful, talkative, and positive person who is always by my side, yet sometimes those qualities are the ones that makes me want to throw him out the window.

Leo was the one who decided to create a surprise party for me in his house. Everything was fun, we had a great time with everybody including my other best friends Aiden, Lynx, and Seth. Aiden was a very hard working person, most of the time competitive to be better, yet he was also very kind, adventurous, and caring. Lynx on the other hand was smart, but his laziness was going to be his demise, he never takes things seriously and is always joking around, he barely manages to pass classes, but he always has an answer when I ask his help in any subject, he’s a genius whom I have never even seen him study. Last is Seth, I haven’t known Seth for a long time and he always has this aura of mystery around him, he doesn’t talk much, but for some reason he hangs out around us and having someone quiet that listens to you no matter which is always nice.

At night we were all watching a scary movie when there was a knock on the door that made our souls slip from our bodies, in the end Aiden was the one that decided to open the door, we follow him closely behind just to make sure the person knocking was not dangerous or a killer like in the movie, it might sound silly, but hey you never know. When Aiden open the door, there was nobody outside and we thought it was probably some kid playing a prank on us or something like that, in the end we went back inside and continue to watch our movie and then we went to sleep.

 When I woke up the next morning I found everybody in the living room with a confuse look on their faces and staring to a letter in the middle of the table “what’s going on” I asked looking at the letter, “the letter” Leo answered me with a quiet voice. “yeah, what about the letter” I asked still confuse about what was going on. “this letter appeared out of nowhere in the table this morning and what’s written inside its creepy and very intriguing” Lynx answer me with his usual lazy voice. I was very curious about the letter, and as the saying goes “curiosity killed the cat”, and mine killed my mood. I reached for the letter and start reading it, it said,

 “congratulations you have won the opportunity to experience a wonderful time in Sunny Hillside, your friends and you can expend some time here and relax while having a blast, all of you will be considered guests and be treated exceptionally in a way that you might not return back from the amazing time you all will have here” it also had an address and some kind of warning telling us that only us five could come alone, as if that wasn’t creepy enough the address written in the letter was some small town in the middle of forest which was only accessible through a three hour old dirty road. I looked at the others with a shock face, but said nothing, we stood there for at least ten minutes before Seth broke the silence by asking “so are we going”, was Seth crazy! How could we possibly go to such creepy place which we knew nothing about and that could be dangerous. Lynx was the one who answered him “are you out of your mind! that place sounds creepy and ********* for Lynx ****** was his way of saying spooky because according to his logic it was easier to pronounce.

I was in agreement with Lynx, the letter sounded suspicious and the address was in a secluded area where something could happen to us and nobody would ever find out, but Aiden interrupted my thoughts “hey come on, it will be fun it sounds like a wonderful adventure and I admit it sounds sketchy, but hey that’s the fun part right?” I couldn’t believe what Aiden had just said, was he actually thinking of going there? Few seconds later Seth also nodded in agreement with what Aiden had just proposed, Leo being the positive and optimistic person he is also agreed with the two of them and Lynx been too lazy to argue he also agreed, I had to agree with them as well, this was peer pressure, yet me being a reasonable and logical person did the best thing I could, I also agreed. Don’t judge me for my poor life choices, we all have suffered from peer pressure at some point haven’t we and because of that we end up regretting our choices and in my case I not only regretted such choice, I curse myself for giving in so easily.

Since all five of us decided to go, we had to make plans and prepare ourselves in order to not get lost in the woods and reach our destination safely, anything could happen in the woods after all and we didn’t know the area which would make it easy for us to get lost without a map, plans, and the necessary materials. We agreed to spend some days at Sunny Hillside just to see what kind of place it was and if anything suspicious happened we would immediately would come back or at least that was the plan.

It was Wednesday morning and since we were on vacation we didn’t had to worry about getting to class late or anything on the matter, but we still had to eat breakfast, we got ready and went to a close place just across the street from the college. We ordered our breakfast and ate it quietly, nobody had anything to say, not about some random subject nor about the letter and the trip. When we were done with our breakfast we decided to go back to Leo’s house to start planning on what day we should leave and what each person should take in order to ensure our safety and be prepare for anything that might happen. After we made plans and came to an agreement each one returned to their dorm or house to start packing for the trip and getting everything ready to go.

In the next days I didn’t saw anybody nor do I hear anything from them, I kept thinking about what had happened in such a short time, we were having so much fun celebrating my birthday few days ago and now I feel very insecure about this trip, what if it’s just a very cruel prank from someone with a bad taste, or if it’s a trap that could get ourselves kidnap or killed, for all we knew that place might not even exist or maybe I’m just being paranoid and we will have a great time and enjoy ourselves in a wonderful adventure that will help us create memories together.

 Unable to sleep at night due to my deep thinking about all the endless possibilities this trip could bring in the end, I decided to start packing and get everything ready for Friday since they decided that was a good day to leave. It was Thursday afternoon when I decided to go downtown and buy some supplies such as, medicine, first aid, and although not sure if it would be necessary I manage to get myself a knife, I mean everything could happen right? And when it did I needed to be ready.

I got back home at night and went over everything to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, I hid the knife in my backpack, I didn’t want to alarm nobody and they might think I’m being way too paranoid and Lynx would probably won’t stop joking and making my life miserable. When I finish getting ready It was late, but I still decided to take a shower to help me relax, after my shower I went to bed and tried to get some sleep, I knew I wouldn’t be able to, but body that doesn’t sleep at least rests right or so they said.

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