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Not your Ordinary Girl

By @TerakrukanPrince

The wolf howled at the moon with her pack.

They ran and hunted all night together, until it was becoming morning. She gave a nod of goodbye to her pack mates and fled through the forests, icy grounds, plains, and mountains.

Then she heard a low growl. Her icy blue eyes darted around, trying to spot the cause of such noise. A man stepped out holding a rifle, and aimed it at her. She snarled and pounced out the way of the it just before it shot, and ran. He chased after her shooting and yelling, but she knew she could outrun him. Just as she thought she’d escaped, a bullet dug deeply into her leg. She yelped in pain, but kept limping.

After finding somewhere safe she wrenched the pellet out of her hind leg. The wolf padded to a nearby village, giving one last howl before disappearing behind some houses.

The next day, a male voice called out: “Hope! Wake up, we have an important day today. Are you well rested?”

A girl with dark, almost black hair and frosty blue eyes stepped out of her room, smiling. “Yeah, I am.”

“Where’d that blood come from?”

“I’unno.” Hope said, “probably stabbed myself in my sleep or somethin’”

“Come, I’ll put a bandage on it”

Hope brushed off some wolf fur from her hair.

She was not your ordinary girl.

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